What are you doing creatively between now and 50/90?

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Hi! With the FAWM site in hibernation, I thought I'd get the ball rolling with some discussion here.
My topic/question is not just about music. Right now, my creative endeavors include creating a yoga/fitness program for the studio my wife and I own, and landscaping my long-neglected backyard.
Musically, I'm working on mixing my second album of yoga-themed instrumental music, and I plan on writing a few new songs for the pre-50/90 Facebook group. I'm also thinking of some ways to begin performing again, using our yoga studio as my venue.
How about you?

Great minds think alike? And, I guess I was writing as you were, - however, you were quicker. (I didn't know your post was here until I posted... so, sorry'bout'dat Smile !)

- So, yes, I'll be doing creatively between now and then Smile

Hello, I'm continuing creating music and collaborating. I'm happy to collaborate all year around, not only during FAWM or 50/90. There is Youtube where we can upload our videos and Facebook page where we can share our songs. Not thinking about performing live at the moment as everything is still veryunpredictable but happy to see it is still a possibility.

For April I am doing some of the prompts for FAWM/Global/National Poetry Writing Month. Some of them may turn into songs in the pre-50/90 Facebook Group. A few more songs may happen and like @Chip Withrow said in another post I'm not song-chasing until July 4th. My artistic painting has been too low considering the amount of free time I have had in the last year. Now that I received my second COVID vaccination shot today, and hopefully will be working again soon, I will probably resume taking a painting class one night a week. Even if not it is past time to get the brushes out and just Slap It On as my musical acquaintance Jefferson Ross says in that song. In an effort that is as more about re-use and physical effort than creativity I have been stripping, cleaning off the rust, and (wife is) painting beginning-to-rust old metal patio furniture.

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I've been building some weirdo instruments, trying out different pickups and switch combinations on some stuff...........but its stuff I'm always doing if I have the time. Even if it doesn't feel very creative I've found even just the act of changing a volume pot from 500 to 250 or whatever is often all I need to make me want to play something that much more. I recently just put a different resister on a tone pot and while I could tell absolutely no audible difference, that alone was enough to make me want to play for a few hours.

Also doing some landscaping and getting ready to do a bunch of planting if it ever stops freezing at night.

As mentioned on another thread, I'm knee deep in post-production for my Catharsis album that came out of this year's FAWM (yes @dzd, it's happening Wink ). Just finished editing a video for the lead single (tho, I gotta go back & switch out the audio now that I've re-mastered the track). Been doing artwork (more than just Album covers, mind you) & planning the entire production (including two singles with 2 B-Sides each & videos to match). So yeah, just a little busy Lol . Thankfully ol' Doug Ford has put the Province into Lock Down with a Stay At Home Order (which he just increased for another two weeks & stricter rules starting as of midnight tonight), so that pesky thing called "my day job" won't be gtting in my way until at least the middle of May. Maybe things will be extended to the end of June when I go into my normally scheduled summer lay off Biggrin I can dream, right?

@dzd: sounds like you'll have a some new toys to play with for 50/90. Can't wait to hear them Biggrin

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@dzd - Not really a weirdo instrument, but I got out my cookie-tin (instead of cigar-box) slide guitar for the first time in over a year. Figured out some riffs for "Little Red Rooster," the Willie Dixon/Rolling Stones/Grateful Dead song.
And I just put together and tested my new battery-powered tree limb saw. The buzzing sound of a clean cut was musical to my ears.

@Chip Withrow you play your cookie-tin with a chain saw? Wow, impressive!

I only use a hand saw, (did that one track Smile ) and, I find that, - no one passes by a guy on the street with a bloody saw between his legs, holding a Bow Smile

It's a crowd stopper, like your's will be with all the sparks, metal on metal.

@ustaknow - is that Busking or Busting? Wink

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I don't remember how to @ people here.................... but I like cookie tins! they make great resonators, but now I can't help but want to record the strings getting buzz sawed off something while plugged in ...........Next time I change strings! My telecaster is due for a fresh set, I think it's working with 3 different sets of different gauge packs hodgepodged together now.

@dzd weirdo instruments FTW! Also to tag people "[ @username ]" without the space(s) between the square bracket and "@username".

@Candle - it's a commitment, to be sure Smile

I love the idea of cutting strings while playing... that's gotta be a good orchestration counter point, - or boink

Add some phaser, delay & reverb to the cut strings & I'm sure you'd get some mind blowing sounds Biggrin Or just run it thru @dzd's cool reverser pedal (which delays & loops as well, iirc…) & even more fun.

Ok, @dzd now I'm giving you ideas Wink But what else is new, eh? Lol

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I'm presently trying to put the finishing touches on some artwork for a CD release of some of my older FAWM and 50/90 stuff (it's actually being released for me on a microlabel, so that's pretty exciting).
Attempting to try to perhaps get the energy to continue with the novel I've been writing; I'm a fan of immediate payoff, so it's been hard going.
Waiting for the last frost so I can really get down to some gardening.
Like @Candle, I live in Ontario, so we're totally locked down and I therefore have no excuse for doing so much sitting on the couch.

@Fuzzy, you'll have to let us know when the CD is released. I'm putting aside some Loonies right now to purchase it Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

p.s. Did you get hit by that Southern Ontario Snowstorm like my inlaws? If so, the gardening might be a while yet…

Yes, @Candle, we woke up to an unwelcome blizzard the other day, but then were wearing short sleeves two days later. Such is Spring.

I know the feeling @Fuzzy. It was 17°C here on Thursday. I was outside in shorts & a t-shirt. Yesterday we were hard pressed to hit 1°C & we had flurries. Today's supposed to get to 5°C, which is still 5° below our average for this time of year. Gotta love Spring

Oh well, it's been good creatively, tho. I wrote almost 2400 words for this new Argentrooper story yesterday - & that's not counting a bunch of world building notes I jotted down along the way Lol

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@Fuzzy That's awesome! Yes do let me know when you get it all finished!

@Candle I "changed" my strings today, and got about a 4 1/2 minute .wav of wrecking them with a skill saw(My new personal favorite pick) with the amp full blast and the fuzz pedal about to explode and all sorts of great feedback goodness.........I must say, I've always been a fan of Ernie Ball's, but I'm impressed.....there were still two attached I just got tired Biggrin I'll post it when I do something more with it, going to attempt to orchestrate at least something around it. It's called Chip's Chainsaw for now Smile

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Thanks! @AndyGetch

@dzd - I'm inspired now to record me sawing tree limbs this afternoon!
I'm thinking now of other around-the-house sounds I can record - I was just washing dishes by hand, and the sloshing of water and clinking of plates, cups, and utensils could be song-worthy.
And I may even change my acoustic guitar strings, which I meant to do for FAWM but didn't. I think I changed them last in March 2020 right before my last pre-pandemic gig.

@Chip Withrow - no, @dzd actually, as commented, or I mis-comment Smile your story, - Cody uses the saw *ON the guitar, the Blade (as I suggest you do with your chainsaw Wink as well, - it is very enlightening Wink ) So, it does sound amazing, much as I thought it would Wink Fool Smile ... hahhh! He has Pictures of the effect and sacrifice for his "art" Smile (Better than Jimi Hendrix with Lighter Fluid!!) People will be throwing underwear at shows; while running the other way, even?

Actually, I think Cody should send the pics or Video to the String Company and ask for a replacement set... it only lasted 4 minutes... such poor quality in a string versus Saw Blade.

- What an ad, marketing element Smile yeehaw!! How they do it in Oak-lahoma!

You crack me up, @dzd.
I feel bad for your poor abused guitars!

@dzd I can't wait to hear that Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

I think he should charge, pay per view, - do it again, - and everyone pay'em a buck Smile for it, or download the track Wink

- Autographed pics included!

One day, one day... you'll be able to eBay it for so much more! Fool