Welcome to 50/90 2021!

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Welcome to the Fifty Songs in Ninety Days challenge for 2021!

Let's make some music!

Yay!!! Thanks Eric! Welcome all!


Hooray! And what a joy to see @OdilonGreen and @JamKar here!


Hey everyone, let's do it again!


Something's still right in the world! 5090 is here!

So, are people mostly chatting here on this website, or somewhere else, Twitter or whatever. Its been a few years since I made some music, on FAWM , or here, or anywhere. Ive had a 10 year long block!!!!

I’m not a big social media person — I haven’t logged into Facebook in years, and don’t even have an Instagram account (although I am somewhat more active on Twitter) — so I keep my chatter (for whatever that chatter is worth) right here on the 50/90 forum!

I have no idea what I'm doing this year, but I'll be doing something.

I'm on the Fediverse (Mastodon and friends) -- which I sometimes use to encourage others to try FAWM (successfully) or 50/90 (unsuccessfully). I'm not active in any of the mainstream social media sites. Well, I am regularly on the FAWM Slack, I guess.

The forums are how I normally interact with people.

I don't know if I ever learned how to normally interact with people.

Back in business! YAY! Smile

And...here...we...go...again! Looking forward to it!

*headbangs* Yeah!

Yee Haw! This will be my first fifty-90. I wrote 5 songs for the FAWM back in February and haven't written anything since then. Kind of wonerin' if I have any more songs in me? I guess we'll see!

For some reason I have Whitesnake's "Here I go again" stuck in my head Wink

Happy 50/90 everyone!

See You In The Shadows…

I'm excited to make music with everyone again this year!

Hi, everyone! And thanks, @Eric Distad and crew, for keeping up the site!
I just donated and updated my profile (new pic, too!). Waiting on my rock hand. And I love the file hosting!

It's a summer thing

Hi, everyone!

oi-oi Smile


Lookin' forward to it & can't wait!!


Allo! Smile

ive got my ears on

Oh, my my. Oh, hell yes.

i'm hyped to partake in 50/90 this year, glad to see some familiar fawm faces around Biggrin

Hi all!

Hello all, I know most of you from FAWM but I've not tried 50/90 before. Excited for the challenge!

Let's do this!

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hey hey hay

Can't wait!

Oh boy, oh, boy!

Oh, okay...I guess I'll do it again. Sigh...

Always makes me happy to see all y'all's familiar names and a bunch of folks I don't know yet. Got my Rock Hands so let's have some fun.

Waving 'hi' and hopeful I can do this a second year in a row, haha!

Hello - I'm here - such as I am - hopefully this will be a good year for me and I'm able to be present and finish the challenge -

Vamos que se puedeee!

Best wishes to all. May your muse pay you a nice, long visit.

Hooray! Smile

I don't know if I'm ready for this but no matter there's still gonna be a 50-song album at the end of it all

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I ate all the cookies

@IA That's cruel. You KNOW I'm on a cookie-free diet. Next time just eat them without the public announcement, thank you. Are we trying the blood-oath writing arrangement again this year?

Hello everyone.

Reporting in! Good to see some many friendly faces!

Hi there. My situation this year is a little bit funny. I am determined to spend lots of time writing songs but not any new ones. I'll be finishing my old songs that I originally wrote in 1983 - 2013. Mainly I'll be writing lyrics in Finnish and those are hard for me. I suppose I can post any lyric that I write during 50/90 just for fun.

But I have to seriously limit the time I spend commenting and "foruming". I apologize for advance if I can't return messages or comments.

You can see how committed I am to 50/90 this year by looking at my profile picture that I spend ten minutes on. Smile

I hope you all have a bonza 50/90 though.

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Nice to be back in a familiar space. Hope everyone has good time being creative! Smile

Hey there! I did a little songwriting after FAWM this year, but then life took over as life does. I am planning on participating in 50/90 to some extent but we'll see what actually happens. I definitely have a list of things I want to do here. I'll be checking in regardless! Smile