Welcome to 50/90 2020!

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Welcome to the Fifty Songs in Ninety Days Challenge for 2020!

Time to make some music! Smile


Thanks again Eric!

Here we go!


Hey y'all!

Can't wait to get started again Smile


I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty flipping excited.

Thx Eric and hi to everyone.

Hurray! Hi everyone

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Happy Fawmtober or what's this? A songwriter's summer inside

Let's do it! I'm ready to go, I haven't made an album since last 50/90.

I'm really looking forward to this.

Excellent! And also thank you!

Nice to see you all again. Can't wait to hear your creations!!

Hello sisters and brothers! The creative juices are flowing...inside my mask.

Thanks Eric.
Hello everyone.

As always, looking forward to participating, listening, reading, collaborating. Happy, Creative and Healthy Summer!!!
Thank you Eric and everyone!
Nadia ~

@fuzzy talked me into this Wink And after all these years, I figured I'd give it a go. Here's to more madness Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

@Candle I'm so glad! I've been trying to talk a few of my friends into this for years and they're still reticent. We're nice. We don't bite unless explicitly invited to.

Ready!! I have Audacity running on a Chromebook, a new Blue Yeti mic, and plenty of free time (for now). Can't wait to really dig in and find my creative headspace again.

Well, it's been ten years of FAWMing & I haven't been bitten yet Wink

See You In The Shadows…

This is great! Excited to hear from everyone. Thank you Eric!

Thank you Eric & Jen! And our happy moderators too (dare i mention them?)

Usually by this time of late June I'm raring to go, not having written since February. But this year, I never really stopped - a few FAWM collabs and a Facebook skirmish in March, an epic poem/diary about my stay-at-home observations that I kept going for two months, lots of Grateful Dead covers on ukulele, and then 100/180 on Facebook.
Still, I'm super excited about 50/90. This site feels like home, and like some familiarity and normalcy.
Good to see you all!

It's so good to see this year's site. Thank you to everyone who works on it.

Hi y'all! Looking forward to writing a handful of new ones this summer!

Hello everyone! No idea how much I'll be writing this summer. But I'm sure I'll be attempting at least a few...

Thank you eric

I sloowed down in the last two years, but I'll be back in full this year.

Hello everyone!!

Hi, all! Looking forward to writing some music alongside everyone again this year!

Heck yeah! Almost time for 50/90! One of the best times of the year, FOR SURE! Biggrin

Hello, it's my first time here! I did FAWM this year for the first time too. I hope this isn't too much harder for me to finish. I was in a dry spell before FAWM, and the spirit of the challenge got me out of it (and even trying lots of new things!), and now I'm in another dry spell and hoping this gets me out of it.

@Amanda Rose Riley Like FAWM, showing up and doing what you can is the big deal. If that's 1 song, 50, or 500, the big thing is just doing what you can. Glad to see you here!

spot on @metalfoot everyone should just do what they can and have fun!

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Hi there, I'll be around this year as well. Looking forward to your sounds and lyrics in these times.

Greetings and salutations to all! Thanks to the 50/90 honchos for another challenge and best wishes to everyone!

Hard to believe it's that time already. Smile

Hi everyone, in this strange and surreal time! 2020's not half over, and already...how strange can it get? So musically, I've been busy. took the best of my February FAWM songs, did some rewriting, remixing, etc., and issued (on bandcamp) the album "Copper wheat penny from 1911" in early March. Then when the pandemic/quarantine started in mid-March, wrote about that, etc', and came up with a 12-song album "Pandemic Reality" , posted on Bandcamp in mid-May. Since then, with the protests, BLM, etc., wrote and recorded a further two songs, issued on Bandcamp as a 'single' (Tulsa/It's a start) in early June. All, if you're interested in checking out, at https://mikeskliar.bandcamp.com/

Not sure if I'm going to do a few songs or a lot of songs, or something in between, or something else, for 50/90- stay tuned!

Hi all! Thanks to the honchos, and hello to all participants. I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone again.

I get that, and that's what makes it feel freer and easier to take risks than songwriting outside of a challenge! Hey, how do you guys tag users in your comments?

@Amanda Rose Riley you put square brackets around the @name.

[ @metalfoot ]: Wrong.
[ @metalfoot]: Better.
@metalfoot: There we go.

@Stephen Wordsmith Thanks - I had forgotten how to do this.

@metalfoot Thank you!

I have no idea what I'm doing, but it looks like I'm doing _something_. I was hoping to have an instrument practiced before 50/90, but ::shrugs::

I have too many unfinished albums. Am I going to make more unfinished albums or finish some of them? I guess we'll see!

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@yam655 make one 50 minute song, cut it in 13 pieces, randomly rearrange it, and call it a magnum opus?

just don't tell anyone what you did.........you'll be thought of as genuis Smile

@metalfoot thanks, I'd of just went on non-tagging tagging people Smile

@dzd You know I've improvised entire 14-track albums over 40+ minutes, right? Starting the next song based upon the implicit prompt of the last line or two of the previous is one of the techniques I've used. I've done an album's worth of them. (Fourteen improvised 14-track albums. I call this FAWM Squared.)

There are reasons I call myself a "mad artist." Wink

Good to see y'all again. Just signed up for Rockhands so it must be happening.