Week 7 Challenge Style Swap

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Challenge set by @nancyrost

'Style Swap'
Write a song in the style of another artist. Bonus points if it's a 5090 participant.

Tag the song Week7

Link your Week 7 songs below, letting us know the artist you chose. Maybe tag them if they are on 50/90 !

Here is mine to start Smile
I tried to write in the style of @johnstaples, and failed miserably Sad

I tried to write in the style of @kahlo2013, and ended up creating some kind of Kahlo-Wordsmith hybrid, but it's the first cheerful song I've written since 2019. And there's penguins.


Obsessions For Strangers


A 13 minute Progressive Jazz beast that is so far away from what I normally do I almost thought it wasn't mine Wink I mean, the first part is Candlesque, but parts 2 & 3 sure aren't Lol I'm not sure who in particular I swapped styles with (insert Female Jazz Singer here), but it was loads of fun to write & put together.

See You In The Shadows…

We kind of did one? Though it falls more into the category of "music inspired by" since we based this off of a prolific 5090/FAWM poet and professional demon slayer @Chandra83


I tried to write in the succinct seductive style of @LadyRed that I admire greatly


@ryako and I channelling our inner Icelandic chanteuse and Canadian thespian sides: Bjork and Kirk in Outer Space

@nancyrost has done a demo of my stylistic tribute to @kahlo2013. Please check it out. There are penguins. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/45387