Video clip on a rainy day

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Testing my latest amp build with an extended version of one of my tracks from this year...

Cool playing Paul. Best way to spend your musical time on a rainy day: power and inspiration!

Sounds great! It's cool to see your set up


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Nice! is that an FX loop with a blend knob?

No FX loop. The guitar goes straight to pedal board, then pedal board to amp, amp to mixer, mixer to PC. To add an FX loop to this amp would need an extra valve to drive the loop and for gain recovery after it. And the only transformer I had available for this build has just enough current delivery for two valves, not three.

The bigger amps I build don't have FX loops either, but could easily be incorporated.

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Still a nice little amp Wink FX loops while nice and all, are usually just a cumbersome showoff Biggrin , but when done with a good mix/blend knob can sometimes really add something special, especially on recording end of things, as pedals tend to lose something when direct input with no go between to a digital format, but you're mixer I'm sure makes up for that Biggrin ........thanks! was just curious.

Thank you.

The amp IS the go-between in my rig. Wink And I designed the input stage to be pedal-friendly.

I find the FX loop on my bass amp works well for time-based effects, but I prefer them in the input chain with my guitar amps.