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I put a comment in with an @ and then somebody's name.

I don't think it made links or notifications for them. Is there a trick to making it work that I don't know about?

[ @name ] without the spaces

[ @tcelliott ] would be me (without the spaces.)
[ @calum Carlyle ] would be you (without the spaces.)

Another curiosity, the @ thing only makes a link for an identified username. For example if I type [@nota5090username] nothing happens. If I type the same way substituting 'tcelliott' then @tcelliott is happening!

Thanks @tcelliott and @AndyGetch! Smile

For some reason, my posts don't seem to link when I use the @.

Like this: @tcelliott

I tried pausing the ad blocker and using a different browser with no luck.

[@jeustan] are you using the [ and ] at the end like this [ @tcelliott ] (with no spaces between the [ and the @ and the t and the ]?

Yes that was it. Heh, thank you.

I'm still not getting it... oh, wait, I got it!!