THANK YOU Eric Distad and Jen Distad

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Huge THANK YOUS to @Eric Distad and @Jen Distad for making 50/90 possible! For creating and maintaining the website and for handling all of the admin stuff behind the scenes! We really appreciate you two!

Seconded! Always a significant effort. This and FAWM, almost the only two "gentlefolk" songwriting possibilities left on the internet...


Yes yes yes! Thank you!

Yes yes yes yes! Running a website like this takes a lot of work and it is truly appreciated!

I agree they have done a great job once again. Many thanks to both of them.

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Thank you for all your hard work Jen and Eric! You are the best.

Thanks for being the best married site runners in the history of a web-based 50/90 contest. Also, totally cool people.

Also, good luck on your kickstarter that starts tomorrow night at 8pm pacific (5pm Eastern) for your new album "Our Kind Of Strange" and on the live stream that you'll be doing to kick it off.

(It's not shameful self-promotion if you let someone else do it. And I'm not ashamed, so...)

Thanks everyone! And thanks for being awesome and making 50/90 what it is! We just build a place- you all make it the fantastic community that it is! Smile

(oh and thanks for the promo @tcelliott. Smile )

Thank you, Eric and Jen! You have built a wondrous thing.

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I honestly cannot thank you enough for what the two of you have created and maintained. Thank you 1000x over.