THANK YOU corinne54!

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Huge THANK YOU to @corinne54 for providing us with a regular Sunday skirmish and helping us to write more songs with her clever and inspiring song prompts!

Yes yes!! Thank you so much, Corinne! Nearly half my songs so far come from your Sunday skirmishes!

Awww - thank YOU guys and everyone for joining in. It's my pleasure to provide prompts for us to flex our creative muscles and come up with wonderful music and lyrics.

Yes thank you @corinne54 for so many years of hosting the Sunday skirmish both in FAWM and 50/90!

I want to echo that as well, thx @corinne54 for hosting the Sunday skirmishes. Over the 3 months they became something I looked forward to every week!

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Thank you Corinne! I did multiple sunday skirmishes. Very nice idea!

Thanks Corinne! Biggrin