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Huge THANK YOU to @AndyGetch for organizing Super Skirmishes for us this summer. Without these great supers many of us would have far fewer new songs!

Yes - thank you! It's no small undertaking to organise all those slots. Very much appreciated!

Thanks Andy for being such a great member of the community!

You're welcome and thank you all for hosting and participating, that is what makes it Super! I'm bummmed to have missed out on this last one however songwriting and fevers don't go together.

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Yes, thank you very much Andy! It always takes somebody with the energy and gumption to take charge and you really rose to the occasion!

Thanks Andy! Biggrin

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Yup! Thanks from me too! and hope you're feeling better @AndyGetch and while fever dreams may be inspiring, rarely feel like writing about them at the time Biggrin

Yes, thank you very much. It was a great help in finishing my songs.

Agree, a huge thanks for taking the time to organise the skirmishes.