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This is a variation on a theme (thanks @spirulence), to encourage more listening. I'll start by posting a song. Next person to post can't have listened to that song before. Comment on the song briefly and then leave a new song for the next person. This will get messy because I'm sure we'll some overlapping, so make sure you name the song you listened to in your comments. Ex.

I listened to Leslie Odom Jr's Tiny Desk Concert. I love Leslie Odom Jr and Tiny Desk but I hadn't heard this yet and I haven't heard his new album yet. I absolutely adore his voice and his versatility. He is classy AF. I'll be getting the album after this.

And I leave Hugh Laurie's St. James Infirmary Blues. I don't always love heavily orchestrated and theatrical blues, but I make an exception for this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzEBH6DZJVk


To clarify: this is more about listening outside of 50/90, yes? I'm cool with that.

Hugh Laurie has such a deft touch to his playing-- often we think of him as a comic actor (Jeeves and Wooster, etc) or as a serious actor (House) but he's a seriously good musician as well. He brings new life to this old classic jazz standard in this (as noted) theatrically orchestrated rendition. The voice he adopts for the vocal is great.

Leaving: Parallel Love by Luxury. Luxury is one of my top-5 rock bands. The three-guitar attack makes this track work well, I think.

Clarification: yes. This is non 50/90 music. Expanding our horizons and whatnot. Maybe this was the wrong forum to post this. I’m not always sure what goes where.

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Took : Parallel Love by Luxury.....a band I had never heard! thanks! really dug just the overall feel of that, yeah those three guitar line/layers was just such an awesome tone!....cool yet simple little video too..a band I'll look into more, really did enjoy that!

Leaving : Deerhoof "panda, panda, panda" little quirky, but great shows Wink I was hooked first few notes I heard from them years back as an opening band for some show I don't even remember headliner now Wink


Took: Panda Panda Panda by Deerhoof. Thank you for reminding me about Deerhoof! These jagged, angular, guitar and drum jams really caught my ear when they were blowing up. I'm reminded how much I loved the space they create within their songs with the massive contrast between her super oddly cute energetic vocals and the controlled chaos behind it.

They're a super versatile band, too. I used to sing along in the car to the song "81" all the time. It's off their 2007 album Friend Opportunity. I had no idea what she was saying except, "...shopping shoppers..." and, "beep!" but I loved that so much and singing along to that with the rock n' roll guitars, that way my jam. This is apparently off an early live album and again they come right out of the speakers and grab me by the ears.

There was a lot of indie rock bands with awful names in the 2000's trying to be the most indie thing ever and younger me was one of those hipster kids trying to know about all of them. Most of them don't sound life-changing as I remembered when I give them a try these days. Bands like Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, Man Man, or any one of Spencer Krug's 100 side projects still have nostalgic value, I suppose, but I wouldn't listen to an entire album.

Deerhoof, though, they really made a sound of their own that I think has stood the test. I'm going to listen through more of their stuff now. Thanks again for the reminder.

Leaving: The World by Carmel Liburdi. I decided to leave a fellow Detroit/SW Michigan artist. The singer in the band I play with is friends with her and we've opened for her a couple times. She's a great performer and a great songwriter. Enjoy!


edit: Oops, that was supposed to be brief. May bad!

I listened to The World by Carmel Liburdi. Thank you for sharing that! Her voice is beautiful, and I love the perspective in that song... finding our identity and place on this world that is going to keep on turning whether we find ourselves or not. These are issues that I think cause most humans a great deal of anxiety, and yet we're all in the same. It would be a lot easier if we just let everyone find their own self without quite so much judgement. I particularly love the line "Always sewing, never reaping." That's our society in a nutshell, isn't it?

Leaving: Hornets in the Daisies by Curtis Eller. He did a whole lot of these "fireside chats" earlier on in the the quarantine and I took a lot of strange comfort from them. I've been a fan of his for years. He's the caffeinated banjo playing depression era Edgar Allen Poe none of us knew we needed. https://youtu.be/DBuRSy3-SS4

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Took : Curtis Eller, really was a heartwarming piece, thanks! he's made a new fan today Really great writing/playing in a live one take little video with some backup by the wind hah! That's a great tune, I will have to track down some more of his stuff as well.

Leaving: Architecture in Helsinki "Do the Whirlwind".........a band fully out of the box Wink they're a 6-7 sometimes 8+ piece band....all actual instruments, another I really recommend you have to see perform to appreciate, they make some great videos as well Smile


Taken: "Do The Whirlwind" by Architecture in Helsinki.
Oh yeah, such beepy and boopy pop goodness for sure!
I've heard one of their songs before and loved it; "Heart It Races"...?
All actual instruments, you say?!? Even better!!
I'm a big fan of weirdo pop music, so of course this was great.
Lots of layers going on.
Yeah, so nice.

Left: "Leaky Tunnel" by Fiery Furnaces.
Another weirdo pop outfit; a brother and sister this time.
Off kilter and quirky.
The entire album, "Gallowsbird's Bark", is excellent.


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Took "I'm Gonna Run" The Fiery Furnaces
Really great groove in this and some great wah pedal guitar work Smile
Loved the lyrics too, actually quite a well put together story song, some stuff I really enjoyed, I'll give their album(s) a listen too, just kept their youtube list playing, enjoying it all, the next one that popped up a live version of "My Egyptian Grammar" I might even enjoy more
was another band I'd never heard of. Thanks!

Leaving The Dead South, "In Hell I'll be in Good Company" ....some good country Smile


Took "In Hell I'll Be in Good Company" - Is it legal to hold a cello like that? Cute video, cool song. The verse that the bass player sings is kind of funny. "It didn't hurt, flirt, blood squirt," cracks me up.

Leaving "Poor Man's Shangri-La by Ry Cooder - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTmGHuaVgI8

Took "Poor Man's Shangri-La" by Ry Cooder. Wow! I will have to listen to the whole album. I looked up Battle of Chavez Ravine while I was listening. Great story telling and I love that guitar. The bright dance music with the dark undertones is fantastic.

Leaving Carolina Chocolate Drops "Country Girl" because it makes me happy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVIaiADsyYo

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Took "Country Girl" actually a fan of theirs, but not one I'd heard before......yeah it made me happy too! I've always appreciated their blend of styles, many have tried but few do it well, and man what a soulful voice she has.

leaving "Joyful Sounds" a pieced together band The Word, made up from various others, far as I know they only did the one album togethe, but Carolina Chocolate Drops made me remember them too Biggrin They put on an amazing show! That whole album is one it had been too long since I listened to.


Took "Joyful Sounds". The title is apt, that was a really pleasant and joyful song! I loved the organ and and the beat had me grooving overall. Definitely adding that one to my music playlist.

Leaving "Candy Man" by a 90s glam rock band called Spacehog. https://youtu.be/nE_6LppBVMU

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Took "Candy Man" That was a band I remember, but kind of got buried in the times, they were more of a "classic rock" sound in the era of grunge, really enjoyable listen.

If no one has been following this most epic drum battle........it's probably the best thing to happen in 2020 and highly recommended watching it all........this little girl is a badass indeed, and props to Dave Grohl for playing along, even if he is getting out drummed by a 10 y/o hahaha, even if you take the adorable factor out Biggrin ..... the developing saga of this has been must watch for me Biggrin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOhxf6mBp7A "Rock and Grohl" from Nandi Bushell

Took Rock and Grohl by Nandi Bushell. That was all at once rocking, awe inspiring, and totally adorable. Social media has some positive perks, like how a celebrity can anoint their disciples through pure happenstance. Nandi rocks. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with.

Leaving Heart by Fat Night - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWvjekk74vA&ab_channel=AcrophaseRecords

Okay, I took Leaving Heart by Fat Night. That's quite a seductive groove, quietly sultry, with some sweet vocal performances. I'm gonna leave some jangly pop for yesterday people: Sunlight in a Jar by The Lucksmiths

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Took The Lucksmiths Sunlight in a Jar.......... jangly pop was an understatement, but summed that up quite nicely Biggrin I quite enjoyed that some pretty great interwoven bass/guitar/vocal melodies in that, a group I'd never heard, thanks!

Leaving: hmmmmm I dunno yet let me go look hah!

"Yellow" by the The Teeth one of the best live performing bands I've ever witnessed, and was so happy to see they reunited sometime last year while I was searching for this great video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILD6LlDlfno