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What is a skirmish? A timed writing session to a prompt. What is a super skirmish? A series of skirmishes, usually over a weekend. This video (by long time FAWM/5090'er) @plainwhitetoast helps explain a skirmish and superskirmish.

My initial thought is to spread it out a bit more to cover three days, initially schedule in my observation of historic more active posting times, and utilize two already posted skirmishes. Here is a suggested schedule. I haven't organized one for a while and had to peek at the last FAWM SS so I am welcome to corrections on the labeling, time zone times, and tagging nomenclature. The schedule is subject to change depending on whoever wants to volunteer to host and when. To convert start times anywhere in the world use the world clock converter: . Please post in this topic if you are interesting in hosting or if you have any questions or comments.

ss071020a: Friday July 10, 2020 2 pm PDT, 5 PM EDT, 9 pm GMT, 10 pm BST host @johnstaples
ss071020b: July 10, 2020 4 pm PDT, 7 PM EDT, 11 pm GMT, Saturday July 11 midnight BST host @Donna Devine
ss071020c: July 10, 2020 6 pm PDT, 9 PM EDT; Saturday July 11, 2020 1 am GMT, 2am BST host @coolparadiso
ss071020d: Friday July 10, 2020 8 pm PDT, 11 PM EDT; Saturday July 11, 2020 3 am GMT, 4am BST host @metalfoot
ss071020e: none
ss071120f: Saturday July 11, 2020 5 am PDT, 8 AM EDT; noon GMT, 1pm BST host @AndyGetch
ss071120g: July 11, 2020 7 am PDT, 10 AM EDT; 2 pm GMT, 3pm BST host @Scubed (Note: this is scheduled as a two hour skirmish)
ss071120h: July 11, 2020 10 am PDT, 1 PM EDT; 5 pm GMT, 6pm BST host @IA
ss071120i: July 11, 2020 12 noon PDT, 3 PM EDT; 7 pm GMT, 8pm BST host @JWHanberry
ss071120j: July 11, 2020 2 pm PDT, 5 PM EDT; 9 pm GMT, 10pm BST host @yam655
ss071120k: July 11, 2020 4 pm PDT, 7 PM EDT; 11 pm GMT, Sunday July 12, 2020 midnight BST host @coolparadiso
ss071120l: July 11, 2020 6 pm PDT, 9 PM EDT; Sunday July 12, 2020 1 am GMT, 2am BST host @Vegansongs
ss071120m: Saturday July 11, 2020 8 pm PDT, 11 PM EDT; Sunday July 12, 2020 3 am GMT; 4am BST host @AndyGetch
ss071120o: Sunday July 12, 2020 4 am PDT, 7 AM EDT; 11 am GMT; noon BST host @Amanda West
ss071220p: Sunday July 12, 2020 10 am PDT, 1 PM EDT; 5 pm GMT; 6pm BST host @wacha
ss071220q: Sunday July 12, 2020 12 noon PDT, 3 PM EDT; 7 pm GMT, 8pm BST host @corinne54 (Note: this is the regularly scheduled Sunday skirmish)

Each individual skirmish above will be posted as a separate forum topic. Feel free to use the example template below, or modify to your choosing:

Friday July 10, 2020 SuperSkirmish A: Start 2 pm PDT, 5 PM EDT, 9 pm GMT
A "Skirmish" is a group songwriting sprint. A time is announced, a writing prompt given, and then everyone has 1 HOUR to write a song. After you finish your song upload it, then post a link to it in this thread below. Part of the fun is to listen to and comment on the other participants songs. If it takes longer than an hour or if you start late, then please post and comment anyway. The main goal is to encourage each other to write new songs that would not otherwise exist while having fun. The writing prompt will be posted here at the announced start time.
Tag it: ss071020a
The Skirmish writing prompt is:"______"

I'd love to take ss071120j! Smile

I'll take i or k.

@AndyGetch thanks for setting this up! I’ll keep the two-hour turnaround on my slot to give people a breather during the marathon. Smile

IA's picture

EDIT No wait!
I can do like noon GMT.
EDIT No yea I understand, more participants. Uh, scratch the above.

Gimme the H, please!

Just gotta write it on my calendar.

I'll take ss071020a

happy to take ss071120k

@AndyGetch, thank you for organizing it!

@AndyGetch, please put me down for this one.


I’d like to do the @Scubed 2 hour skirmish (as mentioned in the other thread Smile
Never done this before, I dunno what to expect.. :o
But nonetheless I’m looking forward to it!

hi @nerdjealous to fill in some of the blanks regarding expectations. There will be lots of individual skirmishes that will pop up on the forum throughout 50/90. Each of of the above super skirmish events will be like an individual skirmish in that each skirmish has a separate forum topic. There will be regular skirmishes like the every Sunday afternoon skirmish hosted for many years by @corinne54. I highly recommend that one and most likely it will start Sunday July 5th. There will also be impromptu skirmishes, which anyone can start. While everyone is encouraged to start on time and post their song within the hour, some start late, some take longer than an hour, and some write multiple songs in the hour. It took participating in a few skirmishes for me to get the hang of it.

@AndyGetch so these are individual skirmishes, and you suggest I do the Sunday skirmish instead? Probably would be a better suit for me than the Sat one listed.... will that be a group thing? Or individual as well?
Edit: closed captioned the @ mention
Edit #2: seen the impromptu suggestion as well. This is a lot to take in :o so are the impromptu ones doable by multiple people at once?

yes @nerdjealous here is a sample where you can see how a Sunday skirmish went earlier this year in February Album Writing Month FAWM. Same idea.
I suggest trying whichever skirmish(es) fit your time schedule and a good way to write a lot in one day.

Sign me up for slot C or D I guess Smile

As a bump and reminder there are now (EDIT: two open hosting slots (C and P)) up for grabs. I would like to hold those (thru Tuesday EST) for someone who has not volunteered to host yet and open those up to anyone on Wednesday. However, if someone feels the urge to volunteer to host a second skirmish sooner I left letters for four potential additional slots (E, F, M, and O) during the overnight/early morning Friday and Saturday EST hours. If there are more volunteer hosts we'll make it work. If for some reason C or P are not filled I can create the forum topic and provide a prompt. I am also just as happy to just write and not host. We shall skirmish thanks to all the volunteer hosts!

none of the remaining times suit for hosting - but will hopefully participate!!

Thanks Andy - Will handle the hosting duties for the last skimish on 7/12 Smile

You're welcome and thank you @corinne54 for running the weekly Sunday (afternoon EST) skirmishes. @Sw1n3flu thanks for the note and for hosting the last FAWM super skirmish from which I borrowed the numbering nomenclature. This one seems to be filling up fast.

I can do the L

If its still open

This one?
ss071120l: July 11, 2020 6 pm PDT, 9 PM EDT; July 12, 2020 1 am GMT host TBA

@Vegansongs thanks I have added you!

if near time you get no taker i can do as second one - ss071020c

thanks @coolparadiso (EDIT 7/7/2020:) I have added you as host to ss071020c!

I can take ss071220p: Sunday July 12, 2020 10 am PDT, 1 PM EDT; 5 pm GMT host TBA

Thanks to all the volunteer hosts the initial 12 slots are filled. I have identified a specific time for F and M on Saturday July 11 at 8AM and 11 PM EDT. Also as a reminder there are time windows (exact time is the choice of the host) for E which is overnight in the US and early on Saturday GMT and similarly for O early to noon Sunday GMT. @Sw1n3flu since you expressed interest above, and ran the last FAWM super skirmish LMK what time you would like to host.

I can do F and O if you are stuck, if I can select the time (as per the post) ?
But I just spotted further down that you have selected times which are not when I am awake I am afraid Sad I think ? I am IST (Irish Summer Time, which is the same as British Summer Time), which is 5 hours ahead of EST, 8 hours ahead of PST.
Noon is good with me, as is anytime from 9am onwards Smile

@Amanda West is that 'noon...anytime from 9am onwards' IST or EST?

i think all those GMT times are actually BST times

I think you have the right times Andy but the issue is Uk is actually on BST . Therefore the first skirmish is 10 Pm in UK

I don't think the actual Skirmish times change. According to this chart, UK time - whether shown as GMT or BST - remains the same.
Isn't it just that the times above should be shown as BST? (I note that 'GMT' is greyed out in the chart.)

Im confused now but i know what time it is where i am even though we dont even get a mention

ah ok i tried googling conversions and it seemed earlier... but now it is 9pm in london i see that it is correct times in gmt and we are plus 1. sorry to add confusion.

I'm totally confused. All I can go by now is to see what time Skirmish A starts, and then make sure Skirmish B begins exactly 2 hours later.

@Donna Devine, my skirmish A just started a couple of minutes ago!

Yes, I saw that, @johnstaples. Thanks. @AndyGetch, that's what I was afraid of. Instead of being at midnight (my time Delft/Amsterdam), it's now at 1am (which is Saturday).

@AndyGetch BST/IST - British Summer Time Smile

@Donna Devine you're welcome and thank you!

No worries, @AndyGetch. An extra hour isn't the end of the world. Maybe I can write a lyric in the time I'm waiting. Wink

@Amanda West I added you to host 'O' on Sunday 11am GMT which is noon BST. Thanks and let me know if I got that right for your availability!

@AndyGetch got that in my diary ! And yes it's Noon Smile

I plugged myself in for slot F. Slot E was not taken. Slot 'M' (Saturday July 11, 2020 8 pm PDT, 11 PM EDT; Sunday July 12, 2020 3 am GMT, 4am BST) is still open, needing a host, and could slide as far back as six hours at the preference of the host.

Thank you so much @AndyGetch for organising all of this, and to everyone who hosted a slot! I managed to get in four new songs over the weekend and it's been a great push to write. And well done to everyone who took part - I'm still listening my way through but there are so many fantastic songs in there!

Thank you to all who hosted and participated! Yes I outdid myself and wrote a song for every skirmish but one. Still catching up on listens and comments, because my brain hurts right now, but I agree with @Marilisa, so many wonderful songs.

Yes @AndyGetch thanks for all your good work making this happen. Fun was had.

As an after action comment I would like to see more consistency in the titling of the threads for each skirmish. Something like "Super Skirmish ss092819k Sunday September 29, 12am BST,". It is very difficult to locate a particular thread if the names are all jumbled and don't have the tag#. Just a thought.

Thanks @JWHanberry certainly is something to work on for the next time around.

@andygetch thank you so much for putting that all together! I only got in on a few but I had a great time.