Super Skirmish September 25, 26, and 27, 2020 Host Schedule

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One last Super Skirmish on the last weekend of 50/90 for those who want and need to write more, and for those (like me) who can't seem to stop writing.

What is a skirmish? A timed writing session to a prompt. What is a super skirmish? A series of skirmishes, usually over a weekend. This video (by long time FAWM/5090'er) @plainwhitetoast helps explain a skirmish and super skirmish.

Similar to the second weekend in July super skirmish, spread out over three days, in historic more active posting times, and ending with the traditional Sunday 3pm EDT skirmish by @corinne54 . This schedule includes a couple of repeated questions and lessons learned from scheduling for July. Trying something a bit different to include breaks for the hearty souls that want to skirmish all weekend. I encourage people who are willing to host multiple times.

Here is a suggested schedule. As always I am welcome to corrections on the labeling, time zone times, and tagging nomenclature. The schedule is subject to change depending on whoever wants to volunteer to host and when, and with placeholders every two hours for those who want to host during the initial scheduled breaks. To convert start times anywhere in the world use the world clock converter:

Please post in this topic if you are interesting in hosting or if you have any questions or comments.

ss072520A: Friday 9/25, 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT, 5 pm GMT, 6 pm BST; Saturday 9/26, 3 am AEST: host > @tjeff
ss072520B: Friday 9/25, noon PDT, 3 pm EDT, 7 pm GMT, 8 pm BST; Saturday 9/26, 5 am AEST: host > @Zeekle
ss072520C: Friday 9/25, 2 pm PDT, 5 pm EDT, 9 pm GMT, 10 pm BST; Saturday 9/26, 9 am AEST: host > @musicsongwriter
(break D)
ss072520E: Friday 9/25, 6 pm PDT, 9 pm EDT; Saturday 9/26, 1 am GMT, 2am BST, 11 am AEST: host > @mikehex
ss072520F: Friday 9/25, 8 pm PDT, 11 pm EDT; Saturday 9/26, 3 am GMT, 4am BST, 1 pm AEST: host > @johnstaples
ss072620G: Friday 9/25, 10 pm PDT; Saturday 9/26, 1 am EDT; 5 am GMT, 6am BST, 3 pm AEST: host > @dzd
(break H, I)
ss072620J: Saturday 9/26, 4 am PDT, 7 am EDT, 11 am GMT, noon BST, 9 pm AEST: host > @Marilisa
ss072620K: Saturday 9/26, 6 am PDT, 9 am EDT, 1 pm GMT, 2pm BST, 11 pm AEST: host > @IA
ss072620L: Saturday 9/26, 8 am PDT, 11 am EDT, 3 pm GMT, 4pm BST; Sunday 9/27, 1 am AEST: host > @Scubed
(break M)
ss072620N: Saturday 9/26, 12 noon PDT, 3 pm EDT, 7 pm GMT, 8pm BST; Sunday 9/27, 5 am AEST: host > @Donna Devine
ss072620O: Saturday 9/26, 2 pm PDT, 5 pm EDT, 9 pm GMT, 10pm BST; Sunday 9/27, 7 am AEST: host > @tjeff
(break P)
ss072620Q: Saturday 9/26, 6 pm PDT, 9 pm EDT; Sunday 9/27, 1 am GMT, 2am BST, 11 am AEST: host > @coolparadiso
ss072620R: Saturday 9/26, 8 pm PDT, 11 pm EDT; Sunday 9/27, 3 am GMT; 4am BST, 1 pm AEST: host > @nerdjealous
ss072620S: Saturday 9/26, 10 pm PDT; Sunday 9/27, 1 am EDT, 5 am GMT, 6 am BST, 3 pm AEST: host > @dzd
(break T, U)
ss072620V: Sunday 9/27, 4 am PDT, 7 am EDT; 11 am GMT, noon BST, 9 pm AEST: host > @coolparadiso
ss072720W: Sunday 9/27, 6 am PDT, 9 am EDT; 1 pm GMT, 2 pm BST, 11 pm AEST: host > @Scubed
(break X)
ss072720Y: Sunday 9/27, 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT; 5 pm GMT, 6pm BST; Monday 9/28, 3 am AEST: host > @tjeff
ss072720Z: Sunday 9/27, 12 noon PDT, 3 pm EDT; 7 pm GMT, 8pm BST; Monday 9/28, 5 am AEST: host > @corinne54 (Note: this is the regularly scheduled Sunday skirmish)

Please post each individual skirmish above as a separate forum topic under "5090 Community > Song Skirmishes". Feel free to use the example template below, or modify to your choosing:

[Suggested Forum Topic Subject >] Super Skirmish A: Friday 9/25, 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT, 5 pm GMT, 6 pm BST; Saturday 9/26, 3 am AEST

[Suggested Forum Topic Body >] A "Skirmish" is a group songwriting sprint. A time is announced, a writing prompt given, and then everyone has 1 HOUR to write a song. After you finish your song upload it, then post a link to it in this thread below. Part of the fun is to listen to and comment on the other participants songs. If it takes longer than an hour, or if you start late, then please post the song and comment anyway. The main goal is to encourage each other to write new songs that would not otherwise exist while having fun. The writing prompt will be posted here at the announced start time.
Tag it: ss092520A, skirmish, super skirmish,
The Skirmish writing prompt is: "______"

Since I've seen how the last super skirmishes have gone, and have a bit more of an idea of how they work, I may take up a slot near the back end of slots being filled, so I can judge if I will be awake at the time Biggrin odd sleep pattern ftw! It may be that I take up a slot within the last few days of availability. So yeah, this is a *maybe* from me, for now....

Deffo will be cool to try and take part even if I don't host one Smile

dzd's picture

I could host g

will hopefully be able to participate in this one(missed last super skirmish) I'll be at work but can catch the late night (for me) ones at least.

@nerdjealous thanks. Hosting is actually much easier than it appears. Basically starting a new forum thread, which you have done. Then picking the prompt. Some do that in advance. I like to pick a prompt randomly at like five minutes until the skirmish start so that I am as surprised by the prompt as the participants and play along with everyone else. I have several ways of random title selection. My favorite is to grab a book off of the shelf, turn to a random page and blindly point. Sometimes the book is random too, sometimes intentional, sometimes it's a dictionary. Then I try to pick a word with multiple meanings or interesting phrase out of what I am pointing at. Once in a while I use the FAWM tool When I host I make sure that I listen to and comment on all the entries. TBH I often do that anyway. Even if you don't host I'm glad you will be playing along. It certainly is another way to make a crap art album.

@dzd Congrats for being the first to sign on and thanks for taking 'g'. Late EDT slots are often not easy to fill.

Thanks for organizing this, @AndyGetch! I could host a couple of slots - l and w would work.

dzd's picture

@AndyGetch no problem, I'll wait awhile in case any one else wants it, but can do the next night late one as well......I'm a night person anyway, at least musically.....the Sunday ones I always try to catch, but they're soooooo early Wink

Random book/random word is a nice idea for anytime Smile I've got a pretty good Seuss collection, that could be interesting haha

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Hey, thanks for organizing @AndyGetch!

I'd like to do ss072620l, please. Smile

Thanks @Scubed I plugged you in for 'W' and 'L'. @IA you had requested 'L' a few hours later than @Scubed. Is there another time slot that you can host? @dzd are you referring to Skirmish S or 'ss072620s' ?

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Aha! Yes, I can also do K. Biggrin

dzd's picture

@AndyGetch yup that'd be the one Smile

Wonderful thanks @IA.
@dzd I penciled you in for 'S'.
So far that is six slots filled over two weeks in advance. I expect to host a few and am hoping that more hosting spots get filled as we get closer to the end of 50/90.

I'll take "O" (Saturday 5pm EDT) and "Y" (Sunday 1pm EDT).

thanks @tjeff!

I will take Q. If you are short at the end and its a reasonable aest i will help out as well.

thanks @coolparadiso !

Hoping to take part but unwilling to commit to hosting until closer to the date... lots of balls in the air, juggling-schedule-wise...

IA's picture

I can probably do one or two more, depending on available slots, if no one else wants them. Biggrin

@AndyGetch You can slot me in for ss072620N.

Also thanks @metalfoot completely understandable and let me know. Relative to hosting I'm not sure what my Friday afternoon EDT schedule (personally) is yet either.
@IA thanks and let me know.
Thanks I have added you as requested @Donna Devine.

@AndyGetch I could do ss072520B on Friday 25th. Would be nice to put something back into this.

Thanks @Zeekle I have added you!

ss072520C: Friday 9/25 I can do if it's not taken yet Smile

Thank you @musicsongwriter. That means 12 of the 18 slots are now filled.

I'm so glad this is happening. Life has gotten quite busy, but I need the medicine of Superskirmish this weekend. Can't wait to listen, write, and be inspired. Thanks, FAWMily <3

So I've never hosted a skirmish, but I'm willing and potentially able (?) Near as I can tell, hosting just means posting a topic, listening to and commenting on all of the keen songs posted. I can do that.

@AndyGetch, if I've convinced you that I can competently host a skirmish, I'd be happy to host ss072520E

Hey @AndyGetch I'll take ss072520F.

I may also be able to take ss072520A...I'll let you know tomorrow.

Thanks for organizing this.

@mikehex I'm convinced. Actually the only qualifications are to be able to create a forum thread based on the template and to pick a prompt :).
@johnstaples Thanks! Yes please let me know.
@unpronounceable Wonderful!

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Yeah thanks for organizing all this @AndyGetch and glad to see it filling up nicely, I can give up a spot if anyone else wants to host or wants one of those times as well..... and as far as qualifications to hosting.... it would be embarrassing at least for myself if I didn't come up with anything on one of my own prompts Biggrin but oh well will have to see how it goes as I would rather just play along as well, and not have any clue myself as to what I'm going to pick beforehand haha.

if you get stuck i can do V

I have full confidence in you @dzd Smile

Thanks @coolparadiso !

If [@john staples] doesn't take ss072520A then I can lead us off. If he's available then please give it to him.

Thanks @tcelliott I'll let you and @johnstaples sort that one out.

Thank you @tcelliott! Please take ss072520A as I may not be available to host. I will try hard to participate in this one though!

J still seems to be open - I could take that!

Personal note I'm not feeling well so won't be doing much this weekend. I'll check in a few times a day to see if there is a need to update the schedule.
@johnstaples Thanks for participating and I have edited to show @tcelliott as host.
@Marilisa Wonderful!
Only one slot is now remaining thanks again to everyone for joining in to make this happen.

Oh no, Andy - feel better soon!

It's time for A now unless I'm reading the time wrong - let me know if you need me to host.

@tjeff go for it!

Ok will do!

ss072620R I'll have that one, starts 3am GMT this morning coming if I'm.not mistaken?

Thanks @tjeff for taking the lead. I ended up being abducted by aliens... well, the real reason is more embarrassing. Thanks again.

dzd's picture

@tcelliott now I am intrigued! hahah I expect a song now, about being abducted and orifice probed by aliens less embarrassing than ...........????? Biggrin

@AndyGetch hope you get to feeling better!

Hope you get better soon Andy. Thank you for arranging this. Sorry I've messed up a big time with the timing and some other things but hopefully there will be more interest later on. It is nice to have some themes for the last days of songs posting. Take care.

@AndyGetch ss072620R If nobody has claimed this one already I'll host it! Biggrin I have checked and believe it is in fact Sunday morning for GMT 3am, which is good cause it gives me chance to prepare Wink

Thanks @nerdjealous !