Sunday Skirmish September 6, 2020 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

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Skirmish tag: s090620

Host: @corinne54

When: 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT (link is external)


TAGS: s090620, skirmish, songskirmish, feast, brightstar

Have you skirmished before? If so, come do it again! If not, please come try it!

WHAT: A 1 hour (if you need more time take it, if you need to join late, please do!) song skirmish. This is how it works:

1) At the start, I will post a title/prompt/theme/concept/ for your inspiration in this thread.

2) All participants write and/or record, and post a song within an hour. Lyrics-only posts and instrumentals are absolutely fine. And if you take longer than an hour, PLEASE post anyway.

3) To help others find your song, tag it using the above tags, and also post a link to it in this thread down below.

4) If you participate, please listen to (or read) and comment on the songs of all the other skirmish participants and share the FAWM love.

Most Important: HAVE FUN!


Thank you Corinne. I'll be back commenting.
Her is my entry

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Thanks again @corinne54 for host/prompt! actually got me to do something I'd been meaning to do!

Too early for music. Just awake so a quick write.

It's been a busy day here and I only just remembered about this skirmish a few minutes before it ended. No time for music recording and so have posted a haiku based on the Bright Light theme. I could read it out aloud I suppose.

Late start, here is mine *45081

Started after kid bedtime again but done in an hour!

Thanks for running this every week, Corinne!

Just had a quick quick write!

Hey I finally made it! And only 6-1/2 hours late! Loved the prompt! Thanks @corinne54!

Late but here’s a song...

Joining in being late as well. I felt like also writing something on the prompt so here is my lyric: