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So, maybe it's just my wistful thinking of what to do when 50/90 is over, but I'm wondering what suggestions people have for songwriting camps and retreats that might be happening at some point when we can meet in person again. Personally, I'm interested in ones in the USA or Canada, but I'm sure there are a number of great ones in other parts of the world.


I can personally vouch for Summersongs (just outside New York City) having gone there in 2015-2017. It has a good mix of songwriting/music classes, activities, and great vibes. Thats me in the group photo on the webpage .

As you can imagine, as a big fan of David Roth, I have heard of this one, but glad to get a recommendation!

Some friends highly recommend Durango in Colorado.

I've been to a Music Masters Camp in New York State, which are generally run by specific artists (in a huge variety of genres) and they have full control over the format, so the experiences can be very different. It was pretty expensive, but maybe all the camps are as it was my only one? (IIRC it was $1300/person total for a 3-person shared room with a private bathroom, and I think 4 days and nights?) There are slightly cheaper camping options and they also have resort features like a pool and stuff, which to my knowledge nobody used for our camp haha. But I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Nothing upcoming is announced at the moment, but here's the website:

Edit: Oh also there is this other expensive one that I would want to try out if I could afford it, because I've enjoyed some of their online educational materials. It's very serious and business-focused though, for people who want to make a career in (generally pop) pure songwriting. But you'd get to meet and collaborate with professional writers. At the moment they only have one listed for Spain and it is only open to their "platinum members" (which costs like $5k ugh), that's disappointing, but I know in the past they've had retreats in like NY and the UK, and they used to have spots for "non-members" so maybe they will again in the future:

WUMB, is the local college station that was putting on great camps prior to covid. I am keeping an eye out when they go back to live, in person. They always have great insructors!

I've heard that this is a good camp as well, beyond my reach at the moment

Just came across this one by Andrea Stolpe, this November in Nashville