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Imagine dice with images instead of numbers. Then imagine the challenge of blending a handful of these images into a lyric! This is especially great when you’re feeling stuck, but it’s a fun challenge anytime. I can give you a roll if you don’t have a set. There is also an application for your phone!

Tag them StoryCube so we can find each other and feel free to post them here!

Yes! Love this idea, I intend on using StoryCubes for some of my songs over the next few months. I’ll be tagging them when I upload them Smile

I love the StoryCube challenges. I'll definitely be giving this a try.

I’m up for this again. Could you give me a roll when you get the chance?

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I guess FAWM d20 is sort of like this Biggrin

@katpiercemusic I rolled a cellphone, boiling cauldron, child in a hooded cloak, power lever, and the action of brick laying. Hope your creative juices flow! Smile

@IA That looks like a fun challenge too!

Yes please Darci. Thank you.

Yes please Darci roll um!

@musicsongwriter Your roll was an elephant, a ghost king, theater masks (the one happy - one sad), a hatchet, and the action was lifting a heavy weight.

@coolparadiso Your roll was a target, a wrestler, a hand mirror, a gavel, and action was giving a gift.

Hope you both have fun!

Thank you Darci. Could you please let me know whether this is all for just one song or do I have a choice to chose from the ones you wrote for me?

@musicsongwriter normally I attempt to use all five dice. Of course you can take what inspires you and leave the rest. It's interesting to attempt to weave them in somehow.

Thank you Darci, I'm connecting with some but not the others so I'll see what happens Smile

Thank you Darci, I'm sure that's not what you had in mind but it was fun to compose.

O Mistress of the Cubes, can you please make a roll for me?

Took me a while and I ended up using the prompts very loosely once this started developing. I left out cellphone and bricklaying, and power lever is kind of abstract (accessing inner power), but it turned into a completely unexpected feminist Shakespeare song, so I'm really happy with that! Thanks for rolling for me!

@IA This is my dream! I love stuff like this Biggrin I plan on one day making a blueprint musically similar to this, using my own prompts and inclusion of other things. Cheers for the great reference! Smile

You know what, I feel a song coming on through the powers of a story cube roll.... go on, I'm up for it, give me a roll!! Biggrin @darcistrutt

While I wait for my roll, I've done a story cube exercise using rap beats and freestyling with the results

So sorry I went missing this session. I had an unexpected death in the family. Hopefully the cubes will roll again for FAWM,

So sorry Darci. Hope you are okay.
Take care x