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I have multiple sets of story cubes. My favorite way to roll out of a slump (smile) is to randomly pick one from the action dice collection and four from the others all mixed. You may end up writing a story with an alien and a princess which can be fascinating.

In FAWM I rolled a grouping each week and let folk grab what moved them. I'm also willing to roll one specifically for you if you want your own energy in the roll. If you really want your own energy, roll your own - either physical or virtual - dice.

Whichever way you roll, tag it StoryCube so we can find each other and post the link below.

Yes please. Thank you so much, Darci Smile



@musicsongwriter Your roll was a crow, fan, daisy, a stick with a cloth bundle tied on it, and for the action a person trying to guess what was in a present. Use what moves you! Have fun!

@cblack Your roll was a bottle of poison, a sleeping person, bandaides, a stary sky, and the action was a person trying to push a door open.

@kahlo Your roll was a wrestler, a firstaide kit being dropped by parachute, a gavel, and the action was two people in a fist fight,

Week one roll: A ghost king, bridge over a stream, airplane, six beans, and the action is someone asking a question.

Roll me up one please!

I decided to give my week one roll voice in my first song.

@coolparadiso Your roll was a book, a stairway, time travel, a person with spots on their face, and the action was a person counting money.

[@Nerd Jealous] Your roll was a sheep, a person in a clear cylinder, a thermometer, a book, and action was a person tossing a ball into the air. I'll be interested to see what you come up with!

I'll take one, thanks. I now have Shakespeare dice. I might try that sometime this challenge as well.

@katpiercemusic your roll was ocean waves, an angry face, a rat, a church/temple, and the action was a person walking through a door. Practically writes itself right? Smile Have fun!

Thank you Darci. Here is my instrumental:

I'll take a roll please.

@Spazsquatch your roll was dice, frog, goblet, snake, and the action was a board breaking. Hope that inspires your muse! Have fun and let us know how it turns out!

@darcistrutt, downright giddy. Thanks.

Week two roll: Dinosaure bones, monkey, piramid, person sweating, and the action was a person eating.
Grab it if it inspires you!

I always love a story cube song! Would you roll for me, please? I'd like your energy in it as well and it would make me more accountable Smile

I think I'd like to try this. Please count me in when you have a moment.

Me too!

@darcistrutt I'm very interested in this, can you roll me a combination? Thanks!

@jaegerin - Sorry I missed your request! Your roll was a Knight chess piece, a crown, a jem stone necklace, a black cat, and the action was a ball bouncing.

@Sunfire Your roll was a long driveway, a girl in a hooded cloak, a monkey, a person on a stretcher, and action was a person standing on their hands. Interesting mix!

@cindyrella Your roll was a cane, an eye, a key, a ladder, and the action was a person giving a gift.

@mikehex Your role was a cave, a bottle of poison, a sport's jersey, a treasure box, and the action was a person crying.

A Random roll - while I'm at it!
A spider web, turtle, arrow, tall building, and the action is someone knocking.

Yikes just realised I had on! Better get on to it!