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As I was rehearsing my first Rocktober cover just now (Grateful Dead), it occurred to me to start this thread:

Who's going to hang around a while to listen and comment? I know I am - the last couple weeks I really faded away here, and I want to get to 300 comments given. (I've said this before - I admire so much those of you who are super-commenters way beyond what I could do.)

I think last year I may have reached 350 or even 400, but that's a stretch this year. (Although, I did do a lot of listening/commenting on Facebook from April-July for 100/180.)

And while I want to hit that nice round number, also I'll be sure to give much more than just a "nice song." Because I really do listen!

So, who's with me?

Yes of course!

Of course.

My comment total is in the 600's and I will likely get to 700. For perspective there are still around 4,000 songs I have not commented on. Especially some of the folks I have not commented on yet. I was noticing this year had a pretty strong class of first-timers (people who signed up since 2019 50/90) that contributed (by my count) over 1000 songs. I want to listen to more of their stuff too as well as the folks who were still here in September and are still active here in October.

In order to stick around I will have to come back first--but that is my plan

I'm hard at work on the zong-busting. Will stick around until the end of Rocktober, both on that side and this side of the site.

I was going to switch it up and comment w/o listening, or listen w/o commenting, just to "break my box" a bit more; like with RockToBeer... stuff never done b4, uno? Beee Fool

I want to get to at least 500 comments before I call it a day. Been listening and commenting and busting zongs this afternoon. The closing stretches of the challenge always result in some cracking stuff to listen to.

Yeah, I'll be around for awhile to catch up on listening and return to some older songs from people I started following late in the game!

Me! I'm a bit shy of 200 comments so want to at least break that - hopefully more, as life permits. Everyone has been so supportive to this first-timer (even though I signed up years ago, I never actually did anything with my account until this year), and I want to make sure I return that!

Yeah I'm gonna be here listening and checking in.

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I will definitely being listening and catching up with folks.

Yes, I'll stay around for listening and commenting during Rocktober.

I've now listened to a song by each person who commented here. If I stick with those who post in this thread and who are active in Rocktober, I'll know that my comments are probably being seen.

I'm sticking around for Rocktober, uploading and commenting on those songs. My inspiration was pretty much done after the first month of this 50/90 but it's back for doing cover songs!

yep i will try and make a few more comments yet. am really enjoying listening.

I kinda burned out on the listening and writing in the last two weeks of September, but I'm gonna try and work my way through the songs on my Watchlist that I haven't heard yet.
My focus these days is primarily on Rocktober, tho.

Gonna try

I can't help but check in and check out some songs I've missed.

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I'll be here. Inktober is not happening after all, so... I have time.

Continuing to comment on songs by those who post here. I think I've gotten to everyone so far at least once, and so now I'll go back and get some of you again. And anyone else who comes along on this thread.
Can't quite get into the Rocktober groove. But I do have an informal gig coming up Saturday so maybe I'll record some of that, or record as I rehearse.
And I do have another music project keeping me busy - my website of online ukulele lessons goes live today. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself (and I do!). It also includes songwriting and creating yoga-themed music.

Trying. I get home from teaching and I crash. If I listen to a couple of songs in between, it’s a good day.

Just home from the outback. I'll be doing some listening over the next week to catch up with the end couple of weeks which went too fast.

I opened up my laptop with the intention of bumping this thread, and I saw Tim already had. Anyone else still around and listening/commenting?

Ah well, out of every life a little sh!t must fall, and so am I. Other issues and I can't push the listening further. So I'm bowing out at this point. Thanks everybody! It saved my sanity, for a while...

It was a pleasure Tim. See you during Dawn. Good luck with everything.

I'm still here, a lot of songs to discover but it's useful to know who is still here, otherwise people wouldn't even know their songs was listened to Smile

I'm still here, although I'm primarily concentrating on Rocktober.