ss072620R: Nerd's Crap Art Special! Saturday 9/26, 8 pm PDT, 11 pm EDT; Sunday 9/27, 3 am GMT; 4am BST, 1 pm AEST

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ss072620R: Nerd's Crap Art Special! Saturday 9/26, 8 pm PDT, 11 pm EDT; Sunday 9/27, 3 am GMT; 4am BST, 1 pm AEST

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A crap art album is keeping the manifesto of crap art in mind. Roughly a 30 minute album, composed within a 24 hour period. It's up to you how true you stay to the crap art template on that site..

OPTION #1 = COMPANY (simple prompt)
OPTION #2 CRAP ART ALBUM = MARGIN OF ERROR ( For an example, see the following link )

Get ready for the big surprise my friends... Here comes the Nerd! To present to you, some tasty song skirmishing - but with a twist! I'm offering two options for you! I'm that generous, yes indeed!

Option one: the usual protocol = word prompt, make song within hour

Option two: CRAP ART ALBUM! Now, don't be scared... It's a challenge I know. But I will help you along! Wink

generally crap art is Collab however I have modified my way of doing it. I usually improvise mine solo and play my instruments myself, however It's up to you how much effort you put in, if you decide to take the full 24 hours to make it and spend time on each getting them right, or if you attempt it within the hour - many ways of approaching it and you may have ideas yourself!!

of course there are plenty of other skirmish to do so you may want to skip this option so option one is always there. However if you fancy trying it and making a piece of crap (art), go for it! All submissions, no matter size big or small, how much you think you have failed, how scared you are you might've summoned a demon with your efforts... are welcome! I will post my efforts as an example for you to listen/skip through coming up to the time, and then see how you want to approach it!

Remember there's always the option of the usual skrimish protocol. So don't worry if you don't want to make a crap art album Wink

You may be aware of what one is, but if ya dont... What is "Skirmish" you may ask? Well, it is a group songwriting sprint. A time is announced which is in the title and at the top of this post. A writing prompt given, and then everyone has 1 HOUR to write a song/crap art album (with the option of spending 1-24 hours with option 2!). This is a suggested window, however ya can spend longer if ya want cause I'm offering a little leeway if you're wanting to spend more time on it - After you finish your song...upload it, then post a link to it in this thread below. Part of the fun is to listen to and comment on the other participants songs. If it takes longer than an hour or if you start late, then please post and comment anyway! The main goal is to encourage each other to write new songs that would not otherwise exist while having fun. And my friends, this is the power of the songwriting fun! The writing prompt will be posted here at the announced start time. So don't be shy - come along and join in!

- Don't worry about the finer details. Get the rough idea down. When making a crap art album, time is of the essence. You need to make something, and no matter how bad it is, move onto the next. Sometimes smaller songs work better, sometimes you may want to expand on a song. Either way, you need to find a way to push through and get it done. The above example was done in under 6 hours. Well within the 24 hour period!! However this is also possible within the hour too - just improvise with vocals and a supporting instrument, acapella, or even none of the above - what works for you?
- Wanna try something new? This is your chance without worrying about quality or perfection!
- Use a random generator of some kind, base your songs off of others, go atonal, go improv, whatever! Have fun trying out daft new things. I've seen acapella improvised albums and done some myself, simple and allows you to concentrate on the story/idea/concept of the song
- You are allowed breaks! Sleep if you have to Smile Just get it done within a 24 hour period
- Remember that the act of creation is the reason for this, not the end product. You might not be able to sell the finished album, but you could definitely gloat and say you've done it, even if no money comes your way from it Wink
- Ever wanted to get an album done but didn't want to slog at a huge project over months and years? Do it in a day! The pace you go at allows you not to slow down too much cause an album need making!!
- One more thing, experiment! Try something new. Doesn't have to be perfect. Try a new chord, technique, etc

Good luck! What you do is up to you, my friends.. and keep watching the skies Smile

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Think I'm going to have to take you up on the crap art album challenge Biggrin sounds fun!

So what's the option 1 prompt!

(Whoops! Apologies! Fell a little bit asleep. Here you go peeps! A little late but whose counting)


@unpronounceable This ain’t funny! I just shut my eyes and... well... sit down at the back!!! lol! Wink ah well, was half hoping you’d have made a crap art album based on TBA!! :p

lol @nerdjealous. It's all good, I had fun making my song Smile

Lol Wink it’s all good! The worst thing is I’m now wide awake, shot up like a bolt once I’d realise I’d slept haha
Spent a lot of time getting me post and crap art album done and after all that missed my own appointment lolll!

There's no demerits in 50/90 Smile

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I'm going with crap art! had my own take on the TBA roughly written, but amazed with @unpronounceable 's take on the to be announced prompt! hahah it's excellent! I'll get crap album done probably next few hours. It's got some of actual prompt 1 in it too so far Smile

edit: enjoying this more than I thought! It may take me the full 24 hours to really crap this one up Wink's sleepytime!

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was fun!!! Thanks for the prompt!