ss071120j: July 11, 2020 2 pm PDT, 5 PM EDT; 9 pm GMT, 10pm BS

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ss071120j: July 11, 2020 2 pm PDT, 5 PM EDT; 9 pm GMT, 10pm BS

A "Skirmish" is a group songwriting sprint. A time is announced, a writing prompt given, and then everyone has 1 HOUR to write a song. After you finish your song upload it, then post a link to it in this thread below. Part of the fun is to listen to and comment on the other participants songs. If it takes longer than an hour or if you start late, then please post and comment anyway. The main goal is to encourage each other to write new songs that would not otherwise exist while having fun. The writing prompt will be posted here at the announced start time.

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The Skirmish writing prompt is: Too Straight

The prompt: Too Straight

Here's my entry: *42108

I'm here, I'm having tech difficulties and trying to get back all the layers I did, arggh!

So I think you can hear my hard drive dying in the background of the vocals, as well as the fan going off and creating a fuckton of noise. But I was able to get it out, so here it is:

Had to take a phone call, so I'm a little late:

Background noise is a loud party across the street... :/

I thought I had posted mine, guess not: