Spit and Polish digital album

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hi everyone who is still here. I have been working on this project since 5090 closed. It is the first time i have gone back over the songs and worked up the demo recordings. I kept the original 5090 demos (the Spit) and enjoyed polishing them up for release on bandcamp and streaming services. I enjoyed working to that concept. 13 songs, 36 mins so lots of nice short ones! A varied mix and i am really pleased how this collection hangs together and has turned out. Interested to hear what you think!


you can pre-save the spotify type stuff here...


Awesome! I will look forward to that. A ww album--with or without the polish--is worth a listen

I'll be listening!

I've listened to three songs. Great stuff! It's catchy, funny, sad, funny/sad...all the feelings. I'm so sorry Juliet is quite the earworm

thank you Smile