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I've been jonesing for a copy of Soundtoys's "Little Alter Boy" plugin after watching Jamie Lidell playing with it on YouTube, but I couldn't justify spending a hundred bucks on it:

But when it's on offer for $29? That's a different matter entirely. You know you want this.

At $29 yes! Buy it! (I'm sure I got mine free from them, long long ago....or perhaps it was another special sale. Cost next to nothing, anyway.)

Holy cow! Looking at what I've got AND use all the the time: Litle Alter Boy, Sie-Q (my go-to!). Little Microshift, Tremolator... I'm SURE I didn't pay that much money!!! Keep your eyes wide for the $29 sales folks!!

looks like it's 64-bit only... world is moving away from 32-bit... in the video it sounds great... here's a quick and dirty, free 32-bit pitch shifter:

I guess I missed the offer. I just looked and it says $99 on the site. Sad

I have the full Soundtoys collection. I picked up everything they offered free, then a couple things at the $29 discount. Then when I bought the whole package on sale they discounted the price for everything I already had, including the free ones. I don’t remember how much it was, but it seemed cheap. Was it $99 for the whole suite? I don’t recall.

@Dragondreams Crikey, that didn't last long; yes, the offer appears to be over.

However, iZotope's absolutely bonkers BreakTweaker Expanded percussion engine and their synth based on RX technology, IRIS2 are both on offer for $9.99 at the moment. Both are well worth adding to your collection.