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By popular demand The podcast is going to start season 2 in a few weeks. Season one is still getting lots of downloads ( had around 3000 downloads in 23 countries now) so i better dust everything off and get on with it! I do have a fair few songs and artists already providing stuff but i would love some more! Let me know if you would like songs played or perhaps do a segment on some songwriting issue. (got to break up me talking all the time) or if you wish to be a featured artist and be interviewed! Thx in advance, its only the generosity of lots of you good people that has made this show fun to do and given enjoyment to so many people many outside this community

Happy to take part. By the way, those are very good statistics for you downloads - congratulations.

So glad this is coming back! You are welcome to any of my songs, though most of what I've posted so far has bee a little rough.

I'd love to set up an interview too.

@coolparadiso You have full run of my catalogue here or at FAWM to play as you wish. If you remember a song and can't find it, just ask!

I'd be happy to set up an interview if you like, and my songs are always available for podcasts and such.

Happy to be interviewed about either my music or my amplifier building (or both), and feel free to play any of my twiddles. Smile

I am happy to be interviewed on songwriting, or on the business side of the sync business etc ? I can't sing, but you can play songs I've written if you're brave lol

I'll need fair warning for an interview, but all my songs are fair game for you anytime my friend Smile

Sure, I'd be glad to have my music played, and could do an interview as long as I'm awake over here in Sweden.

Ditto as above. Use any of my FAWM or 50/90 tracks, or any of my catalogue at

See You In The Shadows…

Feel free to use any of my songs marked as downloadable in your podcast.

Cool, I've done a few radio shows and podcasts on songs and songwriting as well. Some live. You can't throw a rock in Tennessee without hitting a songwriter. Cool stuff. Good luck with your continuing show.

Of course, I'd be glad to. Let me know

ooh lovely. i am game of course.

Game on? yes, you've got whatever permissions from me.

Thank you for the great opportunity. I'm in Smile

In please! Last year was great. You're a born host

Hey everyone thx so much for all your support! I will be getting into in about a week or so!

Happy to be included thanks.

You can set any of my songs to music and yes, to a interview. Thank you.

I’d be happy to take part. Not sure if our genre is what you’re looking for but it would be fun!

I would do it. I now consider myself a songwriter.

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ya!. I have a few check with them first. If it's mine you can use it...5090 or FAWN 2021