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It looks like songs hosted on the 50/90 server are not loading, not playing.

I restarted my browser, reloaded pages, still no go.

I'm using Chrome, which has worked fine for 50/90 over the last 88 days.

My browser will not allow the site to load either.

I'm not having any problems on my phone.

Everything appears to be working for me at the moment. Is this on PC or mobile?

I think my issue is with Safari, my browser. It indicates it is stopping an unsecured network. I turned off and rebooted, but the FaWM hosting still will not work. If I have a new song, I can post it using YouTube for 2 days.

I fixed my issue. My bad. Sorry for the problem making.

i have not been able to play new songs by wacha and headfirstonly

I’m on a Mac in Chrome, and I just tried it on an iPad and things aren’t loading either. Maybe it’s an Apple / Mac / iDevice issue?

Just tried it on iPhone and I get a warning “This connection is not private” and a certificate is not valid.

But if I read the warning page and click go to the website anyway I can hear @headfirstonly’s song

FWIW it works in Firefox. But Chrome has worked for the last 3 months just fine.

Me too! Sorry I just posted that on another thread - I am on iPhone and Mac computer:

My phone and computer are now allowing me to open/listen to any songs that are hosted on the FAWM file hosting site noting that it is not secure and may have been hacked. I am able to listen to songs at other sites where FAWMers/5090ers post.

And mine will not even let me read the warning and click on it to bypass.

Just to be sure: this appears to only be an issue with iOS devices, right? I'm not having issues with Windows.

i have the same problem with chrome in windows 7

No problems loading or listening on Win 10 laptop. But when I was entering a new placekeeper I got an error message after each letter of the tag. It let me put them in but I had to click the message for each letter. I just edited it and it didn't do that. Curious.

I'm having the same problem today. Haven't had it for the past 3 months, but just now. Darn. So much music to listen to.

Same here (Android phone and Windows 10 PC) I thought it was just me!

now the song page is not loading, but i can access songs by going directly to the artists' home pages.

Yeah, the song page is not loading, and I'm having trouble accessing @AndyGetch's home page, as well.

yeah, I can't load the song page at all....

#mike skliar #fuzzy...try this. go to your profile, find a comment from the person who you are looking for, and click on their name . that has been working for me

Song page is fixed now.

Gentle reminder - please (especially for you Morph participants) do not put the song number with a * anywhere in the body of the song itself. For example, if the song number is 52555 do not put *52555 anywhere in that song.

That doesn't sound like a fun thing to troubleshoot, Eric!

Thank you for fixing this @Eric Distad

I'm still having a problem playing songs that are hosted through 50/90 file hosting.

Having the same here. Have been for days.

Today I was able to play a couple of songs, but then it stopped working again. If it's relevant, I'm on Chrome.

i cant play the songs hosted on the site either

You know what you can still enjoy while songs are refusing to play? Lyrics!

*twirls moustache*

I finally figured out how to get songs to load. On the website page that was blocking access there was a way to click through and override the roadblock. Psyched to listen to songs now...Hope this is helpful for anyone else who has been frustrated with songs not loading.