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In part, aside from, as I do write daily 365, -- a few songs I post in 5090 will be from as I do, record-write then while keeping that, dub in the same manner. The track is accrued and mixed (mixing being, not plug-in's, rather -- dB vol adj's, L/R -isms, possibly some EQ for mudd-clarity Smile of the mid-range).
- As well, I may not, and not even post for a while, as that's what happened for me.

I realize this is not news to anyone, nor unique in praxis.

This is commented too, in part, -- to facilitate comment in the forums here for the what seems like more and more folks who may not engage any of the other "stuff" others may (social media, other). As well, those folks too, who do the et alia "stuff", do seem to enjoy the bandwidth to do likewise as well, or may use "that" stuff as I comment.

I would expect a person engaging in the many other prior to 5090 projects to then present them here since, in fact, their audience "there" would be limited to participants there only-mostly; 5090 may, hopefully, have "new" folks that may only be engaging 5090 or folks like "me" who may not have heard that work product either.

I just can't stand being around the same Group-people 365x24x7 year after year Smile without time away anyway Smile Smile Wink Beee anyway..., (aside from the peers that seem able to stand me 365 Wink as that my go).

And, tso, derUgo Smile just say'in, just say'in Smile

- Anyone else doing likewise, or sidewise or other Smile ...

Good -another new thread here!
In early March, I tried setting someone else's lyrics to music, and wasn't thrilled with what I came up with. Then I switched out of songwriting mode for over a month.
On Sunday, I wrote a bouncy ukulele song for a kid I've been doing yoga with - I made a video that she and her mom can follow at home.
And yesterday in the car, I wrote two verses of a song in my head, and now all I remember is the title.
I'm going to give the pre-50/90 Facebook group a go, but not like last year when I wrote 51 songs between April 4 and July 4 (and then another 60 for 50/90).
I do some kind of musical endeavor almost every day, but I won't be back in full-on songwriting mode - and that's when the songs come to me, rather than me looking for them - until July.
And, regarding social media - I just don't have much interest lately in my social media accounts. I'm not anti-social media; I just can't think of anything good or interesting to post.

There was definitely a "come down-slow down" feel to my first post FAWM days. I didn't write anything for days. But then I got back into the Ukulele Underground Forum's "Seasons of the Ukulele" - a weekly "contest" (more or less) which introduces a new theme and invites people to contribute a song around that theme (it's an open forum so not dedicated specifically to songwriters - though we are welcome) many participants simply do covers that fit the theme.

Anyway, thanks to the "Seasons" I have either kept my song-writing alive, or found another platform to promote some of the songs I wrote in this year's FAWM.

In the last two years (since I learned of its existence), I have entirely failed to even get started on 50/90 I hope this year I will be able to remedy that.

Something I've noticed recently is, aside from my own Smile once I hear someones lyrics musicated, - they then make sense somehow. I then hear a song if not different, in close parallel, yet different.

This happened very recently and considered, if they're amiable to it, I may, this 5090 do their Lyrics in a song of my own. And, while, as it happens sometimes there may be a minor lyric edit, I'd try at maximum to *not do that, -- a granular challenge element; "that" will definitely "bend my box" a bit, which I am always seeking to engage.

So, no, it won't be a "collaboration" so to speak, it'll be a use by permission to then cover it differently. (If someone covers a "folk" song et alia, it is not a collaboration.)

With that song, when I went back later (again, not familiar with the song so their melody not on my mind) it again made no sense to me Smile So, I think when I consider doing that, I'd better hum a voice recording or something to capture the reaction to it. I hope I can re-hear it again.

Anyway, - 5090 could be a good place for that.

Isolation is not the best use of these projects, nor is collaboration, nor even any of the challenges. I believe many of the folks could consider just making up crazy ideas to engage other folks.

So, for example, and observation for which I put out the post, to observe:
When the FAWM sight opened I posted an offer to... [ does not matter, go look if able Smile ] and yet, as expected, not only not engaged, then saw many asking desperately for [ does not matter, go look if able Smile ] and not being engaged for it. The "concept" of the prior is the point. Take a risk, post it, and *authentically mean it; likewise read the forum posts, especially early on and if do not understand, ask, etc. and engage the unknown, non-status quo, different.

I've never regretted it.

Last 5090 I reached out to a well trained keyboard player that noodled out a self-jam track. It was in a mode I've never heard that person engage, - had a guitar handy, hit record and jammed to it. Well, of course, as you can imagine Smile it was fan-tab-ulous... so reached out and let them know it existed if they wanted it, as a collaboration (their finished wave file, mixed as well as I could, - chopped one chord to make it "fit" Smile and don't think they noticed). They said yes. Then, not only that, I sent it to another person that is another 180 degrees apart and dub'd in their thing, - result?

It's a track that I get consistent flow of listens to on my BC page and as these things go, as I have oberved in this stuff,
-- folks who'd likely kill each other with the studio furniture, otherwise, make the best music together Smile (how it seems to go Smile ).

The only thing I'm here for, is the music; and, that seems to be working Smile

Not so much song writing, more post-production work. Actually putting together that "Catharsis" album from various FAWM songs. Still noodling with my "Live" setup in Jeskola Buzz, but even that's taken a bit of a back burner (once I got into video editing for the lead single for Catharsis - gods, I forgot how much I love editing video. I really miss my TV Producer job some days LOL). In other words, I'm stretching my legs/arms/mind/creativity into the next stage of the journey of these songs. I've got the album & two singles (with two B-Sides each as well as videos) planned. Artwork is in the process of being created (more than just the album covers, I like to go all out with a series of "Collectable Post Cards" with my major releases) & I'm in the process of mastering tracks. It's a whole ton of fun - almost as much as the initial improv/performance/recording process was Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

p.s. @ustaknow, if you wanna "Folk Cover" any of my stuff, feel free. I really liked what you did with my song "The Bomb" last 50/90.

@Candle thank you, I'll keep an eye out.

I'm finding that the numerous sites, apps, web thingies etc to keep tabs on, is overloading me. i do slack, discord, fb, 5090 fawm, zoom, and i could do with channeling it somehow through one website, aside from communication, like a redirect. commenting in all these social medias is something that i dont always feel comfortable doing. i try and purge and cleanse the cr*p and leave stuff thats valuable.

im not promoting my music, and i dont wish to. i let people come to me, because in the end, making music is more important to me than people seeing it. those who want to see it, will do when theyre ready and if they want to.

so to me it makes sense to whittle down the social medias and simply have one stream of communication. so, im working on that as a measure of my time and value on these challenges.

like with how youre describing it @ustaknow in meself i dont want to be around everyone all the time. id rather be able to come and go as i please. not 'check out any time but you must never leave', but more like 'you know where to find me' (if ya need me, ill be at moes :P)

now on to making this 'one site' funnel a reality!! Biggrin i may use yt videos as my means, since the commenting section there is totally fine, and works.

reducing digital footprint, and getting down to the actual creation..