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For some reason, every time I try to load the songs list it just shows up as a blank white page. I'm on Chrome if that helps.

That is happening to me right now too… my page ans the song list don’t show up but I can still see others’ pages and the forums. I wish I could see new songs to listen to and comment on!

I commented on this earlier on the posting Donna started called 'Muse Tool Glitch". Maybe these issues are connected?

Also, sent Eric a message. The alarm has been sounded.

Yes, this is happening to me too. I have sent a help request.

Also no song list.

Yep, song list is gone.

Yup been gone for hours, still missing, did try desktop, android and Apple. None worked.

Went down about 10 hours and 40 minutes ago, as it was just after I'd posted my song skirmish lyrics

@Eric Distad would be in charge of this one.

I'm about 97% sure this is my fault, and I'm really sorry about it.

I posted a song with @kahlo as a collaborator as part of a morph. The song id was 50628. Following a pattern I'd seen before, I put a listing of the morph, with all available references in the liner notes of my song (including a reference to itself). I can't access the song now (it comes up "Service Unavailable").

Since then, my profile, Kahlo's profile, and the songlist have been unreachable. I've sent email to the help list and now to Eric Distad expressing my culpability and contrition.


Oh Mike, I don’t think this is at all your fault!?! It sounds like you posted the usual liner notes!

As for me, I'm going to work through my watchlist songs, since I can't see the master song list.

Yeah, the Watchlist song list still works.

Same problem here. I can only access my "Watchlist Songs."

Same here

yeah, I can't get the general songs page (tho i can access watchlisted songs). Had a new song to post, I guess I'll wait till all of this is fixed?

perhaps we could set up a forum thread as a temporary song page??

at least for me, the 'songs' page started working again!

The song list page does seem to be working by my soundboard page is still blank… Sad

YAY! The song list page is back as well as the Muse tools page. Smile

Page 2 is still not available, so looks like there are still some gremlins in the system

But pages 3 and 4 work.

I think @mikehex's hypothesis may be correct... page 2 (as of this writing) contains song IDs 50589-50642, and the song in question is 50628 (right in the pocket). I also cannot load that song (even in admin edit mode) or mike's profile, for that matter... not sure what the cause is but there's some database join or illegal character causing a full table scan, or something that's causing the page renderer to time out...

So, you're saying @mikehex put a... hex on 50/90?


Fixed now.

Note - for those who are using * to tag songs, do not enter the song number of the song in the song itself

I.E. if the song is 1234 do not enter *1234 in the text fields of the song.

Yeah, it was me. I'm very sorry all.

I... um... wrote a song about it? *50695

Thanks, @Eric Distad!