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Quarantine had me revisiting a lot of things on the web I had completely forgotten about. I think this one might be just right for a challenge.
"A Softer World" is a webcomic, usually three pictures plus a little bit of text. Sometimes the strips are sad, funny, sometimes there's a mean twist... but I feel like they're almost always meant to evoke a bigger story than what is shown in the three frames.

So: Take one of the comic strips and use it as a jump-off point to write a song.
Could be a soundtrack for the story you imagine, could be using the text to inspire some lyrics... lots of possibilities to take inspiration.

This is a link to the archive where all the strips are numbered from 1 to 1248:

You could either go through them until you find something that tickles your inspiration, or use a random number generator and let it pick one for you. (:

EDIT: If you do this, please tag your creations "softerworld" and share them in here!

Those are awesome. I didn't have time to go through all of them, but I will at some point. Thanks for sharing!

If you click on the comic the title is displayed, which is a nice little extra.

Wow, thanks for the reminder and challenge idea, I used to love these comics when I was younger and still think they are pretty cool! I've got a whole list of challenges I'm working through, but I imagine I will get to this at some point. I already used a random number generator and I love the one I landed on Smile Maybe tag as "a softer world challenge"?

Cool I picked one and will try it !

I'd recommend the tag softerworld
Search for songs using the hashtag #softerworld

Just a thought. Oh, and I'll be going through these as well.

Like this.. I chose one and will use it as a jumping off place...Birds gotta fly!

Well I had a go at this and this is what I came up with