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I am a fool, so I will take on this Herculean task this time out.
This post/thread will be a complete compilation of every Skirmish theme posted during 50/90.

1. S070421 - Theme: "LOOK" - Modify as you like, such as "Don't Look Back", Look at Me", "You've Got the Look" - Host @corinne54
2. S070721 - Theme: 'Almost there...' use this as inspiration, literally, or however it suits you to use it - Host @Amanda West
3. SS070921A - Theme: "Once Upon A Time" -- write a song on this theme, preferably using this phrase somewhere in the lyric! - Host @metalfoot
4. SS070921B - Theme: "Pick A Card" - Host @Scubed
5. SS070921C - Theme: "Delicious" - Host @kahlo
6. SS070921D - Theme: "Dislike Unlike maybe even Hate" - Host @coolparadiso
7. SS070921E - Theme: "TREK" - Host @AndyGetch
8. SS070921F - Theme: "Statement" - Host @AndyGetch
9. SS071021G - Theme: "Consequence/Repercussions" - Host @dzd
10. SS071021H - Theme: "Ride or if you like any transportation" - Host @coolparadiso
11. SS071021J (I didn't happen) - Theme "evoke a scent or smell" - Host @wobbie wobbit
12. SS071021K - Theme "Coffee/Tea" - Host @metalfoot
13. SS071021L - Theme "I used the FAWM Muse random word and title generators to come up with 10 words. Use at least 5 of the words in your lyric (bonus points for using all 10 lol!). The words are: burning, complicated, dreamed, floating, green, Ohio, orchids, polished, tradition, unlimited" - Host @tjeff
14. SS071021M - Theme "CONCLUSION (Anything to do with an ending, a finish, closure, a finale, a termination. You get the drift. )" - Host @Donna Devine
15. S071121 - Theme: "Renegade or Outlaw. Bonus Words (1 extra point for each bonus word used): Crime, Shotgun, Bandana, Run, Nickel, Snake" - Host @kahlo

Updated July 13, 2021

That is an Herculean task. You're a brave man, @metalfoot!

See You In The Shadows…

The best kind of fool! Thank you!

Sisyphean even Clapping