Site doesn't use HTTPS as expected

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When you go to and log in, it redirects you to where you are not logged in.

Ideally, all traffic over HTTP would redirect to the HTTPS location.

But when I log in via HTTPS, I at least expect to keep using HTTPS.

(Also, submitting forum topics switches from HTTPS to HTTP.)

I didn't know that there was even a secure certificate associated with 50/90.

So if nobody else has mentioned this other https issue, then maybe it only affects me.

I finally added something last night to 5090 and the site wouldn't let me use an http link. I just changed it to https, and it accepted it. I played it to check and it worked. Next thing I know, people are commenting sayi g it doesn't play.

Imho 5090 should have accepted the http link and that would have worked, so what's the solution?