Single Off of My Upcoming Debut Full-Length Studio Album

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I'm finally recording my album that I've been writing ever since I started songwriting. It's been one of those things where I could've started the recording process anytime in the last like 5 to 10 years but I wanted to wait until I had some experience recording and decent know-how as well as better equipment, so I could do it right. Now I think I have a good recording environment and fair enough mixing skills. Here's the first single I recorded for the album:

I'm really excited about the album and I'm taking my time, making sure I'm happy with each track and mix. I've uploaded stuff before that I thought was such great quality but then later listened back and realized how rushed it sounded. Don't be afraid to comment if you hear anything in the mix that you have a suggestion for improvement on, I would love to have the fresh pair of ears and the second opinion. As I said, I'm really taking my time to make this album sound as good as I can without a professional studio.

Just checked it out. It's cool you're releasing music.