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For those who donate (and buy merch) to help keep this site going, and maybe sponsor someone who may not be able to afford it, show off your rock hands here!

Just donated, and got the file hosting. My hand should be here soon!

Donated. Hands will show up when they show up. Happy to have this community this year regardless of how many songs I write.

"Come and get your RAWK HANDS! Get your RAWK HANDS!"

Yeah! Get your rock hands!

Right, bought these last night, forgot to post em.

just ordered mine!

As we all get excited for the summer event, it's always worth remembering to donate if one reasonably can in these difficult times. Our hosts put in a lot of work to keep this site going, and certainly merit some monetary support (as well as thanks) from users for all of their efforts and outlay if one is in a position to do so.

I've got mine.

Yup, just joined the club.

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woop woop

Just donated...waiting on the hand!

New russian New russian

I’ve also over the years purchased (and very much like wearing) two “rock hands” t-shirts from the FAWM / 5090 shop. Highly recommend! (I was thinking of buying a third this year, but at least as of this writing they’re sold out of my size.)

You betcha, with file hosting.

Rock (hands) on!!

Ahh...that’s better!!

Rawk n Rowlllll

I donated today, for both the rock hands and the file hosting. Excited to show 'em off once they arrive!

yes! rock hands rule!

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This is my first set of 50/90 rock hands, which seems crazy to me, but better late than never I guess Biggrin

Just waiting on my hands! Smile

I am late ordering my rock hands this year...phew... but just put in the order!! Thank you, 50/90 GODS!

I got my rock hands just before we started this year!

Just donated and awaiting my hands, but my paypal name is a little different to my songwriting name Smile Hope I still get my rock hands !

New russian

Rawk hands!!!

Hello, greetings from Austin from a first time participant. I'll get a more complete profile page together by and by, but for now will just say "Hi" and express my admiration for the talent I've seen in my brief time here. Good to see all the interest in songwriting. I'm happy to support a worthy cause.


If you've donated, but have not gotten your Rock Hand, check the email account from which you donated or send a message to donate at fawm dot org to let me know.