September Final Weekend SuperSkirmish??

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Believe it or not, the end of 50/90 is nigh. I've been told there is usually an epic final weekend superskirmish, which would be this weekend coming up. However, I haven't seen anyone organize one or ask for hosts. I already organized the August superskirmish and while I'm not entire opposed to stepping up again, I'd be just as happy to see someone else take on that responsibility.

This all begs the question: are folks even interested in participating in a final weekend superskirmish?

If so, I'd suggest we space skirmishes every 4 hours instead of every 2, with them beginning on Friday afternoon and leading up to the usual Sunday Skirmish.

I'll also add that hosting will be needed. It's not hard, so feel free to give it a try.


I'm game. My summer got away from me and I fell off of 50/90 after the first month, but this weekend is largely open and I could set it aside. I'll host... although I'm not sure if that requires anything more than and idea and a posting at the scheduled time. I've got a Saturday morning commitment but could do any other (EST conforming) time.

With 9 days left and 15 in the bank, a SuperSkirmish might get me over the half-way point.

I'd be up for participating and hosting.

Yes please! Smile

I’ll participate as much as I can & will be happy to host 1 or 2 slots.

I was hoping to have a songwriting catch-up session this weekend and can host as needed from 6/7pm onwards Friday EST. We did a SS on four hour intervals a few years ago in 50/90 and I liked the added breathing room in between sessions.

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Most definitely interested and can host if needed, especially in my usual late night Central time slots. Was going to bring this up as well, but didn't want to do all the typing to fill in for host/time slots Biggrin So thanks, I nominate you @vivalarayna

I don't mind either/or every two or four hours. I think if enough are interested every two would be fine, but either way works for me.

I am available to participate and host. Saturday afternoon and Sunday probably work best for me (EDT). I will try to help as needed.

should be able to host and do something