Seeking producers to collaborate with :)

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Hey hey! I'm a songwriter always down to collaborate with producers of all kinds and genres. I write lyrics, melodies and chord progressions and can sing and play piano. If you are great at production but suck at the actual songwriting stuff, I can ship you complete songs - vocals and MIDI - and you can mess with it until your heart's content. Or if you have fully produced tracks but just need a singer or lyricist, let's collab!

Find some examples of my work at Smile

Where can I find examples of your work?

Whoa, I'm all over this!
I'd love to mess with your sounds!
One of my favorite things is to remix or produce other people's tunes!
I don't really have any examples of my stuff posted anywhere at the moment, though, since the FAWM site went in to hibernation, sorry.

all good - i'm watchlisting you! you can also email me samples too - hi at littlespiral daught calm Smile

Gotta warn you, though; things might get a little weird once I get ahold of your track!

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@Fuzzy gives an appropriate warning, but I love his brand of "little weird"

This is about all I have online anywhere that's easy to find and in one place a little 7 track pre 50/90 ep of some stuff from the last month(ish)

I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a "producer" it's a dirty word to me :D, but always up for collaborations of about any kind.

bwahahah... i saw on your profile the quote from captain beefheart and i expect no less!

I'd love to do some mixing for you. I'd probably add some synths on top of your piano/voice. Smile

Might be fun to work on something, especially using MIDI tracks that can be mutated pretty easily.

I've liked some of the stuff you've done in the past, so I'm interested.

I play guitar and bass (electric and upright), write lyrics and music, I mess with modular synths, and can do vocal harmonies. My wife plays drums, so we have some production options here. Though I don't call myself a "producer" particularly.

Keep me in mind, or let's discuss when you have some stuff you want to find collaborators for.

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That's all kinds of awesome! I'd definitely be interested in collaborating with you.

While not a producer as such, most of my output is heavily reliant on production because it's mainly instrumental. I'd certainly be up for bashing some ideas back and forth. You can get an idea of my style from my YouTube channel if you're interested. Smile

I would love to co-write with you if you are interested Smile and

This sounds interesting, I'd be game.

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Wow...i would love to give this a try.
NOW... this sounds like fun!!!
I'm on soundcloud...if you want to check my stuff out...very eclectic .

I’m always game to produce someone other than my dumbass! Lol seriously tho, always looking to collaborate so feel free to reach out!