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Hello from sunny Scotland, who else is here?

It amuses me that this forum is "Europe and the UK". The UK is of course geographically in Europe, regardless of its attempts at political amputation!

I'm also here. @Calum Carlyle. In fact given the pandemic and Brexit I'm unlikely to be anywhere else for a while! I have found the Europe and the UK tag to be amusing too.

@Calum Carlyle. I'll be around hopefully I can write some stuff.

All my Scots Inspo in one place!!!

If you don't mind I'm going to be here for at least a few days, but probably until the end of next week. The tv is saturated by some football tournament, which I thought ended two weeks ago when Croatia kicked our ass, but is apparently still going on without us.
Further to the Europe and the UK thing, if UK not in Europe how can UK teams play in Europe? More questions than answers.

UK is a political union, Europe is a continent, so the UK covers Great Britain and the bit of Ireland that it refused to let go of, and all of THAT is in the British Isles, which is geographically part of Europe, as is the EU, which is another political union.

And until either the EU or the UK actually let Australia join their political union, we won't have to worry about a horrible bizarre Eurovision style level of confusion.

And yes, i am supporting Denmark this evening, as is traditional for Scots! Smile

Well @Calum Carlyle your arguments seem sound, but Boris said we are not in Europe and politicians never lie.

Next you'll be telling me that wasn't a penalty. Smile

Sorry to butt in (I'm part Scottish, if that counts, Clan MacLeod actually… but I digress…), but I thought I might point out that there is 242km² of EU territory just off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada: Saint Piere et Miquelon (, so if you're talking about the political entity, you can't stop at the geography of Europe, since there are holdings in North America Wink

See You In The Shadows…

Yes @Candle and also close to Africa, Spain and the Canary Islands, Portugal and Madeira. What about Russia and the vast Siberian wilderness, Turkey and the Anatolia regions, Denmark and Greenland and dare I say Britain and... forget that probably best not go there. Back into hiding for me, tv should be safe now.

Another from Scotland. I've lived here for nearly 25 years but am originally from Northern Ireland and still haven't picked up a Scottish accent. I do occasionally find myself saying words like 'aye' though ....