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COVID-19 was made for 50/90. Or vice-versa.

Hoping to spend 50 days in the studio writing new stuff, refining previous FAWM stuff, or anything related.



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What's happenin' Brochacho? Glad to see you're in the mix once again. Keep the party moving, alright? I'm right behind ya! Wink

Hey you two! I'll be popping in and out for the course of the 50/90.

Heads up that some local RVA folks are putting together a "Voices United!" compilation protest album (proceeds donated directly to a charity that will benefit the development of arts and culture in the RVA black community). Deadline is July 14th if either one of you want to write and record something (also open to trying a collab if that would help, as much as I can collab right now anyways)

FB Linky: https://www.facebook.com/events/261227048532398/