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Anyone mess with that yet? Fool

I've always called it "Rock-to-beer", but oi, that's just me...

Are you comparing dead presidents (not the band) to the Easter Island statues? Wink

I really like the artwork, @ustaknow. And yes, perhaps we are rok'n to beer… but I'll have Scotch, if you've got Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

@Candle hahh, you got it. Not hard but, maybe it was. Also, limited by the freeware for Linux... was all I could do; and to boot, not know the software either Wink hahhh.

It was to look like a "title" wave, of sorts, sort of..., -- it was used in another album art graphic there too in 5090 that may have been more clear in that different color. (Looks like Beer Suds?)

So, anyway, "One" facing the "Other", and who knows what those were to them? (Well, I don't know... does anyone?) I don't know... I put those graphics together like my songs, -- fast, and usually just as I am about to upload it since BC kind of requires it, so, faster than that even! (I got good at pub dom, no lic, graphics, munging to then make it my "own"..., or try to.)

Anyway, -- glad you picked up on it and commented. One never knows what may be a popular topic; if not this year, then next, or next and then hailed as jean-yous!

One, just, never, no's!

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Yeah I really like this album cover, I remember seeing the previous one, I like this one better

I know what those were to the Easter Islanders!!! A colossal waste of time and effort, they should of tried boats Biggrin unless they thought people would still speculating about what they meant to them, then that joke truly is on us Biggrin