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Hey folks, it's September, and we all know what that means. right?!?
Rocktober is just around the corner!!

Let's get organized.

For a while we covered specific Beatles albums, but last year we chose to cover songs from the year 1980, and I thought that worked out really well!!

So do we want to choose another year this Roctober??
(I propose we do 1975)

(For those of you who don't know, Rocktober takes place during the month of October. Members do cover versions of any song they want; you do not have to stick to the theme!! We'll post the link to the actual site when it's available)

1975 - good year! I just went through the Billboard Hot 100 for that year, and I had 45 RPM records of many of the songs - "Fame" by David Bowie, "Philadelphia Freedom" by Elton John, "Jive Talkin" by the Bee Gees ... Also, I've played a few of the songs on acoustic guitar and piano before.
I was nine years old, and I think I started piano lessons the previous year, so '75 was a very formative year musically for me.
I think I only did one Rocktoberfest song last year, but in years past I've been more involved.

A very important year for me - so, yeah, cool!

Yes, 1975 works. I will also do some other songs not from 1975 but that sounds like a fun theme year.

Granted 1975 gave us Supernatural Thing Parts 1&2 *sigh* and Young Americans. Also Love To Love You Baby, Jive Talkin', The Hustle, and You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles).
Sadly, Car Wash wasn't until 1976, Disco Inferno (which I really had my heart set on covering some day) wasn't until 1977, and, damn, Boogie Oogie Oogie wasn't until 1978.
For the few years I've been doing it we'd done the 40 year thing, which I thought would put us at 1981 for this Rocktober. 1981, a very good year, btw!
Still, any year in popular music would give us a crap load of choice tunes, and here's a list of 120 iconic songs from '75 for everyone's convenience: Fly, Robin, Fly or Rhinestone Cowboy, anyone? Smile

Oh, yes! I was on that site, gathering up my favorites. Not as many Disco as I would have liked, though. Maybe we need a range like 70s or 75-79.

I'd vote for '1975' over anything in the 80's- (which for me was generally not a great decade for music)

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I'm good with '75, I'm tempted to try and tackle all of Zuma, I could probably do half of it half-assedly without listening to it again.

Another vote for 1975! Sounds likes fun!

Here's a list of UK hits from that year. I wanna hear you all covering Jasper Carrott!

I'll hopefully get involved with Rocktober a bit, I've been struggling for creative energy but it's always good fun.

It is now guaranteed that I will do at least one of the tracks off the Wings' album Venus and Mars (from 1975). Also, Roger Whittaker's The Last Farewell is MINE.

Blimey. "The Funky Gibbon". I remember the Goodies massacring that on Top Of The Pops...

There might be an ABBA or Bay City Rollers cover in my future...

Any rock song done on ukulele makes me smile - I'm easily self amused. I haven't tried this yet, but this may be the year to do it.

Oooh and I was already going to do a cover of the Who's "However Much I Booze" so 1975 is a perfect theme.

and as if! I was also going to cover Thin Lizzy's cover of "Rosalie" which is also from 1975!

Maybe I'll finally do a cover of the KISS song "Rock Bottom" as well. AC/DC...maybe "She's Got Balls".

I'm so ready for this Rocktober. I've been trying songs to see what I can sing. I've recorded tracks and not been able to sing them so many times so I don't want to run into that issue again.

bound to be something there to do something alternative with!

@Fuzzy, I'm definitely covering ABBA, so I hope we don't choose the same song!

Oh I kinda hope we do choose the same song, @kenmattsson.
One thing I like about Rocktober is hearing multiple and very different versions of the same tune.

What a lot of great songs from just one year. 1975 is a very good choice.

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ZZ Top - Tush 1975 I think? a song that should be done to pay respect to Dusty Hill...rock on man!