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Hey, folks, it's almost time for Rocktober!!!

(Well, not really "almost", but I get excited!)

Looks like this year the theme is "songs from 1980"!

(For those new to Rocktober, yes, you can cover ANY song you'd like, in any way that you'd like.
We usually choose a theme, as well, just to provide some focus and fun.
You don't NEED to do songs from 1980 if you don't want to)

I know we've done The White Album for Rocktober before.
What about making the focus slightly more recent? Maybe something released in 1980?

@nancyrost That's a good idea although once I'd done the simple math I was amazed to find that 1980 was forty years ago! Although there were, some really awful singles there were a huge number of excellent albums in the 80's. The Clash would be favourite for me.

I just reviewed that list from 1980 and what stood out for me was how little I liked or even recognized from that year! There was Peter Gabriel and maybe a handful more but mostly it seemed like the year many big-name bands were in decline. I doubt you could find an album from that year that most of us would even know more than a song or two from. Maybe it is just me and I was out of the groove that year! Smile

+1 for The White Album!

I think the Clash’s Sandinista would be a great one to do. Came out in 1980!

It’s a triple LP, there are LOTS of songs and a lot of them are pretty weird, an opportunity to make them very different from the original.

A quick look at my 1980 list (not including vinyl; just what's FLAC) includes:

Kate Bush - Never for Ever
David Bowie - Scary Monsters
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (Melt)
Human League - Travelogue
Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood
Blondie - AutoAmerican
Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro
Ultravox - Vienna

Not bad for starters!

Last year, for 2019, I chose to pick songs from years ending in 9 - years ending in 0 sounds like an option this time.

After a quick look at the list posted by @nancyrost - Double Fantasy by John Lennon, too - which makes sense - 'Woman' was a huge hit around that time and dragged Imagine back into charts along with it (3 UK number ones that year)


Thirding The Clash.

So. are there any Beatles albums we haven't done? What about the early ones - 'Please Please Me', With the Beatles', 'A Hard Day's Night' and 'Beatles for Sale'. I know everything from Help! onwards has been done while I've been doing 50/90.

I forgot Double Fantasy was in 1980 but it only has 7 Lennon songs on it and I seriously doubt any of y'all will be doing Yoko covers! Smile

@johnstaples - Oh, I don't know, I'm listening to it now and some of Yoko's sound ripe for radical reinterpretation. Sounds like a challenge!

I'd cover a Yoko song for sure.
Been researching tunes from 1980.
That might work for me.
Unless we want to do an early Beatles album.

@atitlan that is a cool challenge idea! If we do that album maybe we should each do one John song and one Yoko song!

Damn, I just read Yoko's lyrics for her songs on Double Fantasy and they are pretty damn good! I've owned the album on vinyl, cassette and CD and never could listen to her contributions, never bothered to read her lyrics until today!

Regardless of what album we choose, I'm gonna do at least one "radical reinterpretation" of a Yoko song!

That sounds like an excellent plan, @johnstaples; I might just join you in that.

So what is Rocktober anyway?

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Guess I'm odd that I've always liked Yoko's stuff Smile good riddance if she "broke up the Beatles" hahah.....please no throwing things Biggrin
I was also lucky enough to be born late enough I wasn't a Beatles fan boi so could look at their stuff through the lens of all it inspired and with some objectivity

"Nobody Told Me" was recorded in same sessions as that Double Fantasy in 1980, if I'm not mistaken, just wasn't released until later, probably my favorite Lennon tune, and one of the few covers I have done in the past.

whatever works for me........I'd go with White Album too with its huge range of diversity in the tracks, but guess its already been done?
I haven't listened to "Double Fantasy" in a long time but always enjoyed it, some of the super early beatles would be fun to hear a wide range of interpretations of as well, but I'm game for whatever.

@tjeff Rocktober is simply an October event where a group of FAWMers/50/90ers/anyone else who wishes to join-ers that record covers of songs and post them and listen and comment on them! In past years there was a website for Rocktober but last year it was simply added to this site after 50/90 concludes.

Although you are free to record and post any cover you want, there is a tradition that we also choose a Beatles album and cover that with one person doing each song on that album. This thread is where we choose the album.

My enjoyment of this event is in choosing very common songs to cover that most folks here will be familiar with.

If we are doing Double Fantasy I call dibs on Starting Over

@tjeff last year the Beatles numbers where in the minority! So it's a chance to do your own, (more radical the better in my view) version of anything. I still recall with amazement Eric rousac doing the whole court of the Crimson king album brilliantly. As a real non covers person I have to say there were a few outstanding ones. I admit i listen more than i play but I'm sure to throw in a couple.

Someone should totally cover Paul McCartney’s Temporary Secretary.....

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I'll take "Give Me Something" if calling dibs Smile well........will probably do it anyway even if a different album chosen Biggrin

forgot how much I did like that album as a whole after giving it a listen today.

Talking Heads or The Police come to mind for me in 1980. But yes, it was sort of a transition from Classic Rock into New Wave with some punk thrown in for "good" measure.

See You In The Shadows…

It looks like the Beatles albums is fracturing into the individual members works.

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@Candle Yeah Talking Heads and Echo and the Bunnymen was who I immediately thought of for 1980 Biggrin , but then there's Prince, Motorhead, Sugarhill Gang........pretty strange year for music Biggrin

If we still want a Beatles album and also want to do something from the 1980s and don't mind a compilation album we could do the US version of Rarities.
Side one

"Love Me Do"
Mono, original UK single on Parlophone 45-R4949 with Ringo Starr on drums; now available on Past Masters
Stereo, previously issued on Vee-Jay LP Introducing... The Beatles; available on Please Please Me
"There's a Place"
Stereo, previously issued on Vee Jay LP Introducing... The Beatles; available on Please Please Me
"Sie Liebt Dich"
Stereo, previously released only as a mono single in the US on Swan Records; now available on Past Masters
"And I Love Her"
Stereo, alternate version with six-bar ending; originally issued in Germany; available on The Beatles Box, not available on CD
Mono, with different vocals than the stereo LP; available on The Beatles in Mono
"I'm Only Sleeping"
Stereo, final UK Revolver mix (early mono and alternate stereo mixes were released in the US)
"I Am the Walrus"
Stereo, new mix compiled from US single and UK album mixes: six-bar intro and extra beats before the "Yellow matter custard" verse; available on The Beatles Box, not available on CD.

Side two

"Penny Lane"
Stereo, new version compiled from the German true stereo version with the US promotional mono version's extra piccolo trumpet solo added onto the ending; not available on CD. available on The Beatles Box
"Helter Skelter"
Mono, ends at first fadeout without Ringo Starr's "blisters" outburst (first pressings erroneously attribute the statement to John Lennon in the album's liner notes) [1]; available on The Beatles in Mono
"Don't Pass Me By" (Starkey)
Mono, sped-up version with different violin in places; available on The Beatles in Mono
"The Inner Light" (Harrison)
Mono, previously released as the B-side of "Lady Madonna"; now available on Mono Masters
"Across the Universe"
Stereo, original version from No One's Gonna Change Our World, a British compilation album made for the World Wildlife Fund; now available on Past Masters
"You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)"
Mono, previously released as the B-side of "Let It Be"; now available on Past Masters
"Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove"
Stereo, a piece that ended the original British release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band but was not included on the American version of the album. It consists of a few seconds of 15 kilohertz tone (similar to a dog whistle) followed by two seconds of laughter and noise on the runout groove. The tone is not included on this album but the laughter and noise are featured just before the actual runout groove. It has since been restored, including the high-pitch tone, for all worldwide CD and cassette versions of Sgt. Pepper as well as the 2012 vinyl remaster of the LP.

I very much like your Beatles Rarities idea, @johnstaples

Great idea for the Beatles album cover! Of course this is my first 50/90 so wasn't aware of this custom, however I don't feel confident enough to have a go at a Beatles track Sad Considering I don't normally do covers, I am going to do Rocktober with a varied view on it.

I have an idea where I may make two album volumes of 15 and 16 tracks of covers, with a little concept behind them. I have a couple ideas in mind I might explore for this, but I will probably approach it as I see it when the time comes.

I would like to ask however, is YouTube a suitable place to upload covers? Because in the past I have had issues with copyright strikes on there with karaoke songs, however that may be due to the 'karaoke' style rather than being a reinvention, in which someone aluded to in the thread I made regarding Rocktober.

I call dibs on @coolparadiso 's, "(more radical the better in my view) version of anything...", thing; wisdom from the land of Oz, again. I love upside down people Smile that have winter in July.

hmmm, interesting ideas. 1980 is not my favorite year for music . love the talking heads album from that year (remain in light) but i couldn't even think of how i would cover anything from that- its riff-based, percussion based, not really chord-based stuff.
i'd say if we are 'doing 1980' then we say that 'music recorded in '80', but maybe not released till after -has to count as well, just so we can get the john lennon and yoko ono stuff from 'milk and honey' in there (in addition to 'double fantasy'.

And, somewhat selfishly, I'd suggest that we add 1981 in there as well- why? well, two big reason. the bob dylan release from '80 was the very-uber-gospel 'saved' album, while '81 had the much more coverable 'shot of love'. Also, if i have this right, the 'first version not released of the epic and amazing 'richard and linda thompson- 'shoot out the lights' recording was done in 81 (the album proper was released in 82-- .

so, how about '80-ish? (meaning 1979-80 thru 81-82?) that way you get the album 'george harrison' (from 79, and really overlooked), t. head's 'fear of music as well as remain in light, etc etc. (springsteen's the river was '79 or '80 also i think? and elvis costello did about 30 songs a year those years too, ha!

I love the Beatles covers on their second album (ex. ‘Till There Was You). I’ll definitely be around covering something, Beatles or not, but as a casual to mild Beatles fan I really like their covers.

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From 1980, I could do...

AC/DC - Back In Black
Alan Parsons Project - Turn of a Friendly Card
Dire Straits - Making Movies
Genesis - Duke
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Journey - Departure
Queen - The Game
Scorpions - Comeblack

But I know my taste in music is so weird that nobody's gonna vote for these. Biggrin

Plenty of material to get started. @ustaknow, how about Spring in October?

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The idea of doing Songs from 1980 sounds very good. My record collection started around that time

Actually, I’m thinking of doing some Guess Who songs from the 70s. Inspired by 50/90 resulting in a conversation here and on YouTube leading to a Guess Who mask - lol! Can I pull it off EDM-style? But I need a music break first, so we’ll see...

Some cracking prog albums came out in 1980: Rush's "Permanent Waves", Roger Powell's "Air Pocket" (with which I became obsessed, because synth nerd), Peter Gabriel 3, Triumph's "Progressions of Power", Jeff Beck's *incredible* "There and Back", "The Turn of a Friendly Card" by the Alan Parsons Project, Steve Hackett's "Defector" and more mainstream albums like Gerry Rafferty's timeless "Snakes and Ladders" Bowie's "Scary Monsters" and the wonderful "Sportscar" by Judie Tzuke - only her second album.

Hmmm, I think I might have to have a stab at a few tracks off Defector...

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I know the more I've looked at albums from 1980 the more I see it was quite a weird turning point for a lot of music.... Classic rock, not dying but becoming more prog rock.....psychedelic 60-70's stuff getting a little more complex, punk rockers learning more than 1 or 2 chords, and maybe even bothering to tune up once in a little while Biggrin Country music starting to IMO take a poppy turn for the worse, beginnings of hip hop being recording for mostly the first time........quite a lot to choose from. Not to mention a lot of the synth driven stuff really getting a lot of attention, some of it really standing the test of time some of it not so much, but all still pretty brilliant, considering the technology they were working with. I was in diapers for the 8 months of the year I was alive, so not like I was paying much attention at the time Biggrin

@dzd - Missing from my 1980 list is 'Metamatic' by John Foxx - a unique sounding early synth album and including the classic 'Underpass'. One of the things I love about a lot of the early to mid 80s stuff is that they combine a lot of invention due to punk having shaken the scene up and the influx of new technologies - affordable synths, the start of sampling - with the extremely high production standards of the late 70s. Getting a good hi-fi during that time was most definitely a worthwhile investment.

Looks like this year's theme is gonna be "1980".

...and @headfirstonly, I had to read your post twice; I first read the name of that album as "Defecator". Smile

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@atitlan Thanks, I'll have to check that one out, not someone I've even heard of!

edit: nevermind! pretty sure somebody around had that album, recognized 20th century instantly Biggrin

More goodies from 1980:

Freedom of Choice (Album) - DEVO
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (Album) - Dead Kennedys
Emotional Rescue - The Rolling Stones
That's Entertainment - The Jam
Brass in My Pocket - Pretenders
Upside Down - Diana Ross
The Tide is High - Blondie
Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Don't Do Me Like That, Refugee - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

PRINCE debuted in '79 so I Wanna Be Your Lover was charting in '80. Good enough for me.

@JūS - The Prince album from 1980 was 'Dirty Mind', which to me is first true Prince album - the one where your start to hear elements of the real Prince sound.

1980 it is then! Still going to do the John Lennon cover from 1980 I was planning on.

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@metalfoot that is a good choice for you, no pressure no pressure Wink looking forward to hearing your take of that!

@atitlan I remember vaguely a "concert" video of Prince in a thong and a trench coat from that album
Great stuff!

I like the Beatles Rarities album idea, but if it's just gonna be 1980, here are some other albums from that year that I like:

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Chance (one of my favorites!)
J. Geils Band - Love Stinks
UFO - No Place to Run
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
The Psychedelic Furs - debut album
Steely Dan - Gaucho
The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta
Talking Heads - Remain in Light

Also, a bit of trivia - in January 1980 Paul McCartney was arrested in Tokyo with 1/2-pound of marijuana and spent about a week in jail before being deported from Japan!

Nice lineup @tjeff . Especially like those last three.

@tjeff that was the final nail in the coffin of Wings, which was slowly falling apart anyway as Denny Laine (the only steady member) was getting tired of it...

if its 1980.. ill do either call me from blondie, he rose from bette midler, babooshka by kate bush, clowntime is over by elvis costello, saving grace by bob dylan, or on my honor by donna summer

A random thought that may have been mentioned - "Melt" by Peter Gabriel is an 1980 album - - I will definitely do something from that, if not the entire album if anyone else feels like joining me ...

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Since you asked: I'd like to do "I don't remember"