RIP Joey Jordison

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Just found out Joey Jordison, original drummer for Slipknot, has died aged 46. Slipknot were one of the first bands I ever loved.

Here's Joey doing something incredible:

I wish I could find this with better audio quality, but it's still awesome.

I saw that yesterday and was super sad. I'm 49 and it's been a rough decade or two of losing musicians in my generation.

Yeah, he was really good. The drumming on the first Slipknot album is phenomenal. Probably the drums and vocals are tge 2 most emotive parts of that album. Drums were also the first instrument I ever bought.

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I never liked them as a band, just wasn't my cup of tea I was done with Nu-Metal before I heard it Biggrin His drumming skill was undeniable though I was always impressed he was basically a machine and his drumming did have an adverse effect on metal IMO not too many people can play like that and it lead to an onslaught of sampled drums no human can play trying to outdo some of his stuff. Not a bad thing to be remembered for, ruining in my mind a genre of music just from people trying to keep up with you Biggrin

It was the mask.

Seriously. I've seen interviews where the band members all agree that the masks unleash a new personality that makes them better performers. Like, part of themselves that normal society won't allow, but put the mask on and those parts are unleashed.