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Just had my first comment, and I'm curious about thanking the person. There's a "Reply" button, but will the person see my reply? Or should I reply on their Soundboard, like at FAWM?

(Hello @wacha! You win a prize! Biggrin (It's a smile.))

Thanks in advance!

Same as FAWM, same reason, they won't see your reply unless they actually come back to that song's page. (I know I know, one ends up with a disjointed-lookign soundboard but that's the case anyway Biggrin )

Okay. Thanks. Smile

Returning a comment on one of their songs might be a better way to show your appreciation

PS - I'm an awful 50/90 commenter, so this is more "as I say, not as I do" advice Wink


Last year the procedure was to thank the commenter on their Soundboard, it seemed to work pretty well with many responses. This year I commented on over 15 songs in the first day or two and had only one thank you on my soundboard. Weird.

@Saltyjohn a lot of commenters simply return a comment ("Someone's commented? Oo! I'll go and listen to a couple of theirs and return the compliment"). Indeed I don't normally respond on their Soundboard unless for some reason I can't listen and comment on their song or music or lyric. I admit to being weird.

I guess we're all a bit weird in some way!

I'm not *that* weird... I'll have you know, there are FIVE people weirder than me! I checked. Smile

Like probably most others here, I prefer a comment on a lyric or song of mine rather than a 'thank you' on my Soundboard. I always listen back to other people's songs (and sometimes post to their Soundboard as well if I want to add something extra).

Hi Donna, Yes, I'm sure you're right.
Last year I really enjoyed the challenge, got my 50 songs, did some collabs and made some acquaintances. Also got a soundboard full of responses - just commenting that it seems a bit slow getting going this year.

@cblack You'll have to try harder - being weird is something you have to work at : )

Everyone will find it a bit easier weirding up if they invite their invisible friends along! Worked for me!

Why would I bring him along? He's annoying!

I always listen and comment to a person who comments on my songs, i don't go back and thank everyone for a comment. I answer if they ask a question (back on their soundboard) but i would be on here 24 hours if i did thx every time as ive had about 120 listens. I have had probably 5 thank you notes for over 200 comments made so i can pretty clearly say most people don't often send a thanks. Many come near the end with a general thx and that suits me fine.

Thanks, JN, interesting stat. And I guess it makes sense, return a favour for a favour.

My imaginary friends got a restraining order... Sad

@Dragondreams I'm sure they're safe to be let out to play again, now that the rulesbook holding spectator's attention is elsewhere... Biggrin

In general terms I'm with @Donna Devine on this one. For me, comments on songs are the secret sauce of this challenge. They're the things that help you develop as a lyricist/songwriter/producer/whatever. I prioritise commenting, because that's whet I'd like other people to do for me. Having said that, I do post Soundboard messages, particularly when I'm answering questions like "what synth is that?" or "how are you doing?"

Following on from my previous comment, and with reference to @headfirstonly's mention of 'secret sauce of this challenge': I'd like to add that, for me, people commenting on my lyrics/songs is what absolutely inspires me. It's what motivates me to write the next lyric, and the next one, and the next. A number of 'thank you's on my soundboard but with no accompanying listens has the opposite effect.

I think during these challenges we all become kids. And that's a good thing. Smile We're jumping up and down showing mommy or the teacher or friends or whomever our drawings (in the form of words or music), and we want them to smile and pat us on the head. Wink

I mentioned this during FAWM, but I'll say it here too. I don't like to force a comment. I comment when I have something I genuinely want to say, but otherwise not. I tried forcing them for a couple years, and I actually found it stressful. Like putting myself on the spot. So now I only comment when I'm inspired to comment. Doing it that way happened when I completed FAWM for the first time, so...

That said, I've given 24 comments so far, which isn't shabby. Only 3 or 4 people have hit 100 already, so I'm happy with 24.

Anyway, I'd actually prefer a soundboard thank-you than a forced comment on my songs, as a return for when I comment on someone's song. If you have something you genuinely want to say, great! If not, a thanks is good enough for me.

why don't they just get rid of that reply option if your commentor won't know it's there????? I'm used to it on FAWM because I don't recall a "reply" option there, right?Kinda gives you a false belief that it's actually being seen by the person who commented on your song. Oh well...I'll just go back to the usual and reply directly on that persons page. ;0(

You can go to "comments" in the side bar and see all the replies to your comments, but I think a lot of people don't do that. Leaving a thank you on the soundboard is a way to make sure the thank you is seen. Some of us say thank you by returning the favor, which is just to say if someone doesn't say thank you for a comment, they might be doing it in a different way.

i rarely answer comments unless a specific point is raised or i have something to say. I do however, make a point of listening to and commenting on songs by people who leave me comments,generic thank yous consume time better spent hearing your music,

I never thank commenters, rather I go and comment on and listen to one of their songs Smile

My preference is to go and listen to a commenter's songs, and then perhaps a little more. And I'm falling down woefully on that this year. There Are Reasons. But my conscience is stinging me and I know I won't have room for thoughtful listening for another fortnight. (You'd think stuck in lockdown it'd all be straightforward, but noooo...) EDIT and i just read @PhilKMills comment below. Yes, I have a little list too, no Gilbertian overtones to it neother!

The only time I put a "thanks" on someone's soundboard is if I'm moved to elaborate on some point they brought up in their comment. Otherwise, I put them on my list of people to go listen to when I have time.

(Yes, I keep a list. Smile )

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i generally but not always do the "thanks you" thing ( I'm Canadian and can't stop myself) . I do however, as @billwhite51 has said, bounce over to their page & have a listen to their music. #tit4tat as is where. Seems like a more productive use of time and you can be greatly surprised by some excellent music/lyrics!