Record Set! First Opossum to Release 2 Songs At 50/90!

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So here we are in September and I have only finished 2 songs. But they are still a record number of 50/90 songs by any opossum ever, right? So I still get some sort of participation trophy or sumpin', right?

Quick update...summer is over and I did not get runned over by a car! Yay! But, of course there's always fall...

More songs plz.

Looking forward to more of your tunes. I went and checked your profile to see if you were the same opossum who showed up at FAWM. I must admit that you all look pretty much alike to me. I've always been impressed by your banjo picking, especially given the size of your "hands."

You and your kin should enjoy some Premium Quality Trash (TM) this weekend with all the Labor Day BBQs and cookouts! Just mind them leftover 4th of Joolie fire crackers. Ouch!

Yes, please more songs! I love the two you have but need more!

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Dodge those tires and I would like some new songs plz.