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Post here songs by 50/90ers that you especially enjoyed this year.

Let me start with *41472
Darnell's Encyclopedia of Bird Women by @G3 Darnell.

Fantastically psychedelic! I'm in awe of how different this is. So many inventive ideas!

Oh! So many. This one grabbed me from someone i hadn't heard before! @bunter

Can thoroughly recommend "Cyborg Catholic High School" by @spirulence -

I'm gonna go with Plants Fight Back by [@jeustan]. It's a wacky, manic garage rock insta-classic, performed with real brio

Thanks, @fresh spotless youth!

@thisisbeckyw - My Parole Valentine

This song is just so good. The vocal phrasing, imagery, the characters, it all comes together perfectly and it's ridiculous how good the song is.

Wanted to add this.
@Corey did such a great job with my lyrics.

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Did you hear *41778 already?
Nun of Your Business by [@jeustan]

Absolutely infectious energy! And so fun and rocking!

For pure psychedelic weirdness, check out. Mystic Brotherhood of Slurf by @Freaks Of Nosmo 9


@ohkshea - Madeline *42585

Brilliant synthpop with some of the best lyrics I've ever heard.

I may be biased because of the coincidental cross town vicinity of @Wackamoose, but any such bias is offset by the language and cultural world made smaller and more intimate in this and others by this artist who often collaborates with vocalists/lyricists in South America and Africa.-

it's so fun and so beautiful

Tik Tok Tinman, by @Adnama17, @tcelliott, and a guy named Kevin. It's lyrically as deft as a fencer's footwork, and musically as raw and honest as it is catchy.

The lyricist doesn't have a 5090 account. Here's your chance to convince him why he might want to:

(Worst case scenario: the lyricist sticks around for a decade-and-a-half. You know, like I did)

Sweet and sad and absolutely beautiful. Marthie and Cindy.

Thanks for the mention, motisbeard! I'm new here and trying to listen to as much as I can. I've got about 30 saved songs. One artist I've really enjoyed is Robyn MacKenzie. Love her fresh melodies, phrasing, message, the whole package.

Here's another from Drive By Love Fest. Haunting, far away, Celtic, emotional.

GREAT THREAD. I have listened, or will listen to all these songs and I hope people continue to contribute to it.


Thanks for the shoutout, @Edward 9th Street! I just listened to this fantastic piece of old-school jelly by @cts three times in a row. A raw piece of social commentary with a powerful message.

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Thanks much for the shout out, [@robynmackenzie]. Much appreciated. I'd have to say check out this song by JuS here:

Solid tune.

one of the most beautiful songs i've heard, period
by @cleanshoes

Thank you, @splittybooms!

First off, @adamh has a fantastic voice, and is consistently putting out super solid acoustic tunes that deserve way more listens. Here are a couple to start: and

Second, this 50s-style rock 'n roll track by @Gwyn Jones is so irresistible. I dare you not to dance:

I didn't mean to post 2 in a row by @cleanshoes but check out Weather ('til the dawn). It is less a song than a portrait.

I'm late to the party, but I have to echo @cts about Have You Ever Stared Into The Void. From what I've heard so far @JūS is on fire right now, but this one is especially sublime.

Thank you, @ductapeguy!

I've got to mention @ayeahmur's latest, Raise a Flag. One of my favorites this 50/90:

Also, this gorgeous folk tune from @pokerowan:

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@metalfoot - thank you for the shoutout, my friend. Much appreciated. I'd like to bring to the forefront this gem from @JūS

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*44999 @ryako and @headfirstonly channel their inner Bjork and Shatner into the cleverest and funniest thing I've heard this 5090. And the joke is even better given that the whole thing is so seriously professional!

Yeah, I'm gonna second what Tim said above. You're probably not prepared for how good that is

Thirded to my two learned colleagues. Wink

One Bowl by @phylo--A synesthetic electronica trip. *45020

If you haven't listened to @Heid you owe it to yourself. Start here, I'd say...

What @metalfoot said.

@Dragondreams has one that's so very tasty. Please listen to his tune Brekke

Whoa: Check out Overkill by [@Technicolor_Gramophone] and @Heid. It is a silly, surreal folk masterwork.

I've been blown away @Heid - a recent recruit to the community.
This one is lovely and quirky (and nsfw):

I'll second Alex, Sean and Paul's comments about @Heid - her stuff is astonishingly good.

But folks, please go and show @doggolito's stuff some love. He joined late but has been turning out a mad blend of EDM and djent with vocaloid vocals that is very much hitting the spot for me. The vocal version of "Track 11" is utterly bonkers, and I am here for it. *45733

And @pipewrench67 has stumbled on an arcane process that has resulted in one of the most unusual and eerie things I've listened to in years. It's hypnotic and strange and you need to hear it *45724