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I love to discover great songs 50/90 Land, whether in the form lyrics or demos. Here's a thread to post your gem-finds!

Check this one out from @msculli1

Finding an exceptional song by @owl is like shooting fish in a can of Aquafina, but, even then, this one impressed me.

If you've ever wondered if pop music could be an appropriate vehicle to tell a story involving insight, sensitivity, and an awareness of an uncomfortable broader context, this is a strong argument in favour of 'yes'. It's also an auditory treat in its own right.


There are dilettantes like me who just noodle around with orchestral plugins, and then there are those enlightened souls who can make them sit up and beg, fetch their slippers, and do the washing up.

Good people, I give you "The Merry King" from @bunter.

Killer song. You should check it out.

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Don't ever post in here, though do usually listen to others reccomendations. There's just too much I'd recommend I'm always blown away by the quality of stuff, but she was new to fawm this year and a little shy and this is a really great track.

Gorgeously sombre (pardon the pun).

Just finished listening & commenting on this one. Wow, a great '80's funk track right out of Hamilton. Check it out & give @Spazsquatch props for a great tune!

See You In The Shadows…

Wow! You are so right @Candle - I'm in love with that song!

I've listened to this one a few times already...

I loved this collaboration between @Gwyn Jones and @Jibbidy34. Super catchy, witty and spicy hot!!! Worth listening...

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This darkly bizarre orchestral operatic attack from @phoenixash needs more listens!!

just heard this and thought it is a fantastic example of a clicking collaboration

also anything by @meriamber Smile

I'm not sure anyone pays attention to recommendations, especially not mine. However, I wanna recommend two songs on opposite ends of the spectrum: a quiet reflection on human frailty from @billwhite51 and and lacerating take on consumerism from @G3 Darnell. Be sure to turn the sound down before listening to that second one, especially if you're wearing headphones Smile

i liked both those songs. and anything by fresh spotless youth

Caught up on some listening today. Standouts:
1) Come back home, collab between @kahlo and @bunter - gorgeous, nostalgic storytelling and production
2) An American Gothic renewed, by @paulotteson - I'm honestly astonished that this level of talent is just quietly chilling here on 50/90, I think Paul's got a national stage potential. Big fan of his.

The only reason to avoid listening to this one by @KateStantonSings is if you are struggling with imposter syndrome. Even then, give it a listen:

Here is a beauty of a collab from @coolparadiso and @tjeff - "The Day They Closed the Mine"


This powerful song by Tammy @tamsnumber4 knocked me sideways


A very serious song about important things.

Apologies if this has already been suggested. Autocorrect is Shirt, by @meriamber is a prefect sauna for our tines.

I just heard @Jerry Pettit 's "Best of All Possible Girls" for the first time, and thought that this finely turned pop song deserved to be here:

(perhaps it already is)

Here for another shoutout to @Jerry Pettit. "Pebble In My Shoe" is fantastic.

"The Last of the Old West Gunfighters" by @Jibbidy34 and @Gwyn Jones is my new favourite thing this summer.

I just noticed Convertibles by @allaboutgeorge. Amazing stuff, and he's got over 50 songs, and very few comments for the amazing artistry that he's showing. Check out for a taste.

I strongly agree with @kenmattsson regarding @allaboutgeorge. His tracks are very good indeed.

I have a Mom's ears...but love what Paul has put up. Hope he makes time for more.

This collab between @Gwyn Jones and @Jibbidy34 is the coolest mashup of banjo and electronica I've ever heard. Really the only one, but now I want more.

@Donna Devine, @davidtaro and @Hypnotist have created the most wonderful song, Heiroglyphs. If you are up for it, buckle in and get ready to be taken for a wonderful ride into the galaxy and beyond...

@colgoo punched me in the gut with this one:

Awwww, thanks @tcelliott!

This three way collab (by @donnadevine, @davidtaro and @KateStantonsings) is incredible:

So good... so good... the song is catchy and the video is awesome.

@elesimo knocked it out of the park with this catchy instrumental. from @Hypnotist and @davidtaro is amazing, and hits all the notes (no pun intended).