RE: 50/90 in 2022

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hi fawmers (er.... 5090ers)!

this is a PSA to give you a little heads up about the future of FAWM and 5090.

as you may or may not know, fawm and 5090 have been run by completely different codebases (fawm by me, and 5090 by @Eric Distad, both of which are kinda outdated. for perhaps a decade, i've hinted at the GFROW ("great FAWM rewrite of whenever").

well, this year it's happening. and we will use 5090 as a sort of "proving ground" or "test drive" for the future.

that means this summer's 5090 will be a completely new website.

at first, it might be kinda bare-bones (whatever we can get ready in time). but it will evolve and new features added, bugs fixed, etc over the course of the summer. we will continue to work on it over the fall and winter, based on 5090 feedback, to make FAWM 2023 (which will be the TWENTIETH FAWM!!!!) the best ever.

all that to say: 1) get excited, and 2) be forgiving, as 5090 is kinda gonna be like building the train while we're moving on the tracks...