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This one's pretty straight forward. freesound.org has a wonderful "Give Me A Random Sound" feature. All you gotta do is click on this feature, download the sample & use it in some creative way in a song. Tag it #randomsample & share the results here.


I look forward to hearing the results!

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hah! what a great site Biggrin I got some hissy air pressure release noise I'm sure I can do something with, Thanks!

This is what I got, putting the info here in case I lose elsewhere. Halfofthesky
January 4th, 2019
Moscow winter street ambience, train honking afar, cars, then tram passing by

Binaural, recorded with Tascam DR-05, Roland CS-10EM binaural microphones/earphones.

Those both sound like fun. I got a Beep made by an Amiga computer that I'm already having fun with.

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I got some guy yelling "Timber!" and then laughing.
I'll try to work in in somewhere.

LOL, that's going to be awesome @Fuzzy. I can just imagine what you're going to do with that.

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TFW you try to create a Freesound account and then realise you already have one...

I got a recording of the railway station in Frankfurt am Main. This is going to be fun!

I can't wait to hear that @headfirstonly.

Alright, I finally finished my song: *43612

I got an Amiga "Beep" (that was just under a second in length). I mangled it in Matilde Tracker in Buzz ('cos you knew it was going to be a Tracker tune given that it's an AMIGA sample Biggrin ). The only other audio source in the song is the spoken word bit (also from Freesound), but otherwise this is just the Amiga beep.

Can't wait to hear what everyone else does with their samples!

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I wanted to do this challenge, but instead of using one sample, I used six. And nothing else. I just clicked the link six times and threw whatever files it gave me into Reaper. This whole track was made with the samples listed below.


Here's the result


Awesome song Juha!

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I ended up using that Air Hiss, but it was in my prog/experimental exquisite corpse segment, just putting that here because I will probably forget by the time that is stitched.......who am I kidding I'll forget after I sleep Biggrin

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This indeed sounds like fun! I may give it a try.

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knew I would forget.....oh well

air hiss is in this as well


Finally got around to that Frankfurt railway station sample I was assigned, and discovered that it's twelve minutes long, so that meant an epic ambient piece, and *that* meant it was so big I've hosted the mp3 on my own website. Here's "Trollied":

I knew this would be useful (I knew I'd lose track of the sample before I got to it).

hey, I was at that station. @headfirstonly

I needed more sound for this project this time I got
Dog growl.wav
March 14th, 2015
Tug of war with my dog sounding like a ferocious beast. Recorded with a Zoom H5 ggonna make it fit

OK here is the final result for now.