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To get things going I'll start the lottery to pair lyric writers with music writers. So please show your interest and say what you have to offer: lyrics, music or either.

Pairings of round 1, drawn on sunday, 2020 July 5th:

@wacha - @Bandybum
@Cicpisces - @failedluddite
@crisp1 - @Mt.Mélodie "Spear" *43263
@AndyGetch - @Pearlmanhattan
@cola - @musicsongwriter "O Little Songbird" *43281
@coolparadiso - @metalfoot "A good friend" *41818
@kahlo2013 -@TheTau


Round 2, drawn on monday, 2020 July 13th:
@lowhum - @JamKar *44815
@bithprod - @metalfoot
@Stephen Wordsmith - @dzd
@Vegansongs - @tjeff "Unseen Forces" *42401
@Cicpisces - @see-man-ski "Let's discuss" *42144
@coolparadiso - @sph
@Amanda West - @Zeekle

I can write music, but I must admit that I have disappointed random collaborators more than once earlier, by failing to come up with something if I the lyrics don't grab me.
But also written some very fine stuff, so always willing to give it a try.

I'm game. Can do either music or lyrics.

Music or lyrics here too. Always happy to give it a try. Thank you so much for organizing it.

Hooray! Playtime again Smile

Sign me up please! Music or lyrics.

Thank you

Andy B

Hi Nadia

Good to see you back for more Smile

Sign me up for this. I'll do either music or lyrics

I'd love to take part, I am good for either music or lyrics.


I'm just in it for the Music


I'll do lyrics. Thanks for organizing this, Stefan!

I'm in. Music or Music and Vocals or Lyrics or Lyrics and Vocals.

I'd like to give this a try! I'm open to doing either music or lyrics.

I'm in lyrics by preference.

Love to dish out some lyrics for someone. Thanks

Would love to write lyrics, thank you!

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3 hours later than promised here are the pairings of round 1: first one writes lyrics, second one sets them to music. Considering that many of you are capable to do both I leave it up to the collaborateurs. Have fun! And please post a link to your results in this thread.
@wacha - @Bandybum
@Cicpisces - @failedluddite
@crisp1 - @Mt.Mélodie
@AndyGetch - @Pearlmanhattan
@cola - @musicsongwriter
@coolparadiso - @metalfoot
@kahlo2013 - @TheTau

Please may I sign up for round 2 Smile
Lyrics here Smile

I'm in for round 2 please, music or lyrics (music preferred)

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I'd be up for this either way as well, but would prefer music, or just a good old all around random collaboration Smile

I'm gathering a lot more dust than expected this year, so please sign me up for the next round (lyrics only). Thanks.

Here's the round 1 collab between me and @coolparadiso, A Good Friend (*41818)

Round 2 lyrics again if possible.

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Up for round 2: (Edit, 2020-07-13)
Lyrics: @Amanda West, @Stephen Wordsmith, @coolparadiso, @Cicpisces,@bithprod

Music: @sph, @see-man-ski
Either: @tjeff, @dzd (both music preferred), @metalfoot, @JamKar, @lowhum, @Zeekle, @Vegansongs

I think I'll wait til saturday, 2020-07-11 for more and then draw the next pairings

You can throw me back in the hopper for round 2, @sph

Thank you @sph

I give up, every single year I can't figure out how to get names in blue !

Put [ ] around the name

@sph AHA not just [ ] but an @ too !

I can do round 2.

I wouldn't mind having a crack at this, my preference is write music around someones lyrics

If round 2 sign me up! Both music/lyrics.

I’m up for this if there’s a round 2. Music or lyrics.

Round 2 lyrics for me.

Round 2 ...Lyrics or music..some of both?

I need a kick in the butt... Didn't even realize 50/90 had begun. Lyrics for me in round 2, please.

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After a weekend where I didn't get to do anything for 5090 here are the pairings of round 2: as before, first one writes lyrics, second one sets them to music. Considering that many of you are capable to do both I leave it up to the collaborateurs to mix the roles. Have fun! And please post a link to your results in this thread.
@lowhum - @JamKar
@bithprod - @metalfoot
@Stephen Wordsmith - @dzd
@Vegansongs - @tjeff
@Cicpisces - @see-man-ski
@coolparadiso - @sph
@Amanda West - @Zeekle

Thank you @sph Smile

Thank you @sph

Hi @sph
So sorry life went a bit mental the last couple of weeks and 5090 got completely side lined as a consequence.
I do hope you managed to have fun and success without me Wink
If there is anything leftover to do (music or lyrics) happy to help.

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Hi @Bandybum, life happen's and there are things much more important than 5090. So, no need to apologize!
Did you contact @wacha? There's no such thing as a weekly deadline for submitting your songs. But it would be nice to hear your collaboration.

Here's our round 2 collab, lyric by @Vegansongs, "Unseen Forces" - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/42401

@sph thanks for your understanding. Contacted @wacha a couple of days ago but I believe she's in surgery (according to her soundboard).

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round 2 collab, lyrics by [@StephenWordsmith] it was a pleasure! Apologies for wanging it all up Biggrin


This sounds interesting! I am interested in providing lyrics!

Thank you so much for pairing me with Cola! It was my dream to collaborate with her.
Here is our song:

@lowhum posted some killer lyrics, and then I did this:


I still need to record the demo for my collab. Sorry @Cicpisces. I pretty much wrote the song as soon as I got the lyrics, but other things distracted me before I got around to recording it.

No problem. Looking forward to hearing it.