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ok. i always like the random collaboration challenge, so since no-one has gotten it together,


so post on this forum thread, and tell me whether you would rather provide lyrics, music, or are comfortable with either. after i get a sizable even number of folks, i will pair people up. i will post the pairings here, and we can go from there. there will likely be several pairings through the summer, so i'll strive to avoid duplication. just contact me if there's a need to change partners, etc.

i'm in for lyrics. i have the ability to record as well, should a certain voice or instrument be needed in a collab i am involved with. i have a broad selection of instruments.

so respond and let me know, and let's get this started!

I would love to try. I am technically challenged. I have a mandolin and an iPad. Someone would have to walk me through the process. It would be a steep learning curve for me.
I will try music component.

I'd like to try lyrics

I was wondering when someone was going to do this! I was thinking of starting it a few days ago but then I forgot.

I'd be in for music, I think.

Music or lyrics is fine!

Lyrics please!

Either is fine.

I’ll do lyrics. Thx

Actually, can I do lyrics rather than either?

Don't think I've ever done lyrics for a collab before.

Edit: If you need an extra music person, I can do that too. But preferably lyrics. Smile

I can do lyrics.

I can do lyrics

Music for me.

Either one works for me.

@Mandolinda It's simple. Sign up to do lyric or music or either and get randomly paired with someone else. Then the two of you work out how you're gonna do your collab. The most common collaboration seems to be the lyricist sends a lyric and the music person writes the music, sings and records the song. If you get two "either" people paired with each other then it can be a bit more involved where you use a google doc etc., to both write the lyric and maybe use email to send back music ideas. But it's up to the two people paired.

Try to get as clean and loud an iphone recording as you can, but it's completely acceptable to record and post that way if you choose to sign up for the music part.

Thanks @tcelliott

I can do music or lyrics

I can do either

Sign me up for lyrics. My recording opportunities are few and far between these days.

Lyrics please, although I realise you might be lyric top heavy !

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Music for me

Music, plz!

ok. i have an even number of each if i sit this round out. so, contact your partner and y'all communicate how you'd like to do it. music first, lyrics first, back and forth-- whatever. as a lyricist, i ask my musical partner to give me a title or a theme, and have had great results with that. it might seem like cheating, but later in the year i would ask a musical partner to read through some lyrics i've posted and see if any speak to them. whatever works for the two of you. without further ado:

@Adnama17 with @tjeff
@coolparadiso with @Edward Roussac
@Amanda West with @Mandolinda
@cblack with @nate.gerry
@cindyrella with @Amanda Rose Riley
@LyricSlinger with @metalfoot
@kahlo with @sph
@Cicpisces with @AndyGetch
@kahlo with @lowhum

let me know if i goofed and put you in the wrong category, or if i missed you. please post your finished product here-- we all want to see what people are coming up with. hit me on my page or in my email if you have questions.

[email protected]

I’ll jump in next round for lyrics/vocals!

Oh, I want in the next round please. Both lyrics and music are fine.

Next round count me in for music please Smile

lyrics please Smile

Is there a deadline that we're to work to?

Next round, for music please. Thank you so much.

@LyricSlinger -- there's no deadline. once i have enough for another round, i'll post that line-up. i'll keep it going the whole summer.

music please

I think I'd like to try doing the music on one of these.

I like to go in as many rounds as possible, if that ok lyrics again

just bumping this up. anyone got a collab track yet? this is nowhere as frantic as last summer when i did this, so just post a link to your collab track here. i think i'll be able to read through it well even with the tracks posted here. well, the links.

I'll do music for next round please. :0)

I would like lyrics in the next round. Thanks

anyone else, one more person, want to have a go? for the second time, i'm odd man out, and i'd love to have a chance myself.

I have been working on music with Amanda West’s fine lyric, and I have a handle on that, just polishing. So next round I would try music again..just note I am technically challenged and mine is quite simple.

ok, it is sunday, my first day off from work, so i have time to randomly pair us --me included this time!-- together.

here it is:

@geoff61 with @musicsongwriter
@tsunamidaily with @simpleiscomplex
@coolparadiso with @sunnymae
@AndreaB with @Mandolinda
@chrismyth02 with @Peter Arvidson
@Spazsquatch with @didi bergman

contact your partner and figure out how you want to do it.

and if you'd like to be paired in a week with a partner, drop your name and preference in a post.

and post a link to the result here! we'd all like to see the results.

Oops, I slept through this thread. Please sign me up for round three.

Edit: as a lyricist

Next round, I'll do music. Smile

Lyrics or if you really need music for round 3

me please - lyrics Smile

Here is my own and Linda's @Mandolinda song from round 1 Smile http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/49104

@cindyrella and I did two collabs for round 1: *48745 and *48829

I'm happy to be in for round 3, music again! Thanks for organizing Smile

This looks fun Smile sign me up! Music please…

Mmm, music for me please. (Thanks davidtaro for alerting me to this - I never venture into the forums...)

Am I able to go for another round?

@Edward Roussac-- yes, indeed!

Here is lyrics by @Cicpisces and music by me http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/49124

Here is lyrics by me and music by @Mandolinda : http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/49322

Awesome. Music for me, again.