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Between July 4th and October 1st, there’ll be challenges, mini-challenges, and skirmishes galore. Nevertheless, in those – possibly rare – moments when your creative well runs dry, below are a few ideas to keep you kicking butt.
First off, we have the amazing 'MUSE TOOLS' right here on the site (click on 'Tools' in the menu at the top of the page):

But the links below are fun additions.
GoogleTranslate comes into its own with surreal lyrics arising from multiple translations from the English and then back into English (e.g. English>Korean>French>Hungarian>Swahili>English). The final result - or lines from it - can be shaped into something profound or hilarious or both.

Into Goth poetry/lyrics? Try 'The Goth-O-Matic Poetry Generator'. This is basically 'paint by numbers'; the results are seriously dark (and thus very funny). Tongue in cheek for sure. But who knows... An image or two could generate something monumental.

Many other sites can generate ideas, or simply be an amusing diversion from the hard slog of creating something unique and awesome from scratch.

@AndyGetch also suggests a N+7 poem generator that replaces each noun with the seventh one following it in the dictionary.

Fan of anagrams? This webpage generates all possible anagrams

@bithprod recommends pasting a couple of well-known lyric lines into http://ackuna.com/badtranslator
and see where it takes you.

Other sites mentioned by FAWMers/50-90ers (@writeandwrong, @halfwalk, @elainedimas) include:

Also from @AndyGetch

Suggested earlier by @johnstaples on the FAWM Facebook page.

And from @t.c.elliott's FB page:

From @miltz
Take random text (either generated or your own, maybe mix and match) and feed it to this: http://www.mundoblaineo.org/cut_up_machine.htm

From @heuristics
Might stimulate some songs, especially if you combine them with another of the suggestions.

From @Larry
A yoda-speak generator.

Here's another fun tool (WordPalette) mentioned by @thisisbeckyw. You'll find the app here (it's free).

If anyone uses the app, post a link here, and tag the lyric/song #wordpalette.
And from @tsunamidaily
Feel free to add other entertaining lyric-generating sites or ideas.
If you use any of the above tools, be sure to post a link to your lyric/song here.

From @yam655

@IA’s fantastic BardCards
You can see/order them here.

@Marvsmooth suggests:
Check out a random Wikipedia page. (These can yield fun and surprising results.)

More recent ones. They generate lyric ideas that can launch you onto a trajectory of your own:

And another (mentioned by member ZsuZsaDoe. Wonderful source of inspiration.

From @Candle.
Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies:

Great for looking at a musical problem in a completely new light or getting your Muse to play a new game.

Feel free to add new tools. If you write something inspired by one of the tools, tag it ‘#quirky’ and post the link here.

Great list

This has been the most helpful rhyming dictionary I've found https://muse.dillfrog.com/storm/
You can adjust the rhymeyness to find more unusual combinations.

ah was also going to suggest oblique strategies and also another that is cool is this random word generator, a few options to choose and click on a word to make a list, choose how many words, nouns, adjectives and verbs https://wordcounter.net/random-word-generator

OK, I cheated - too lazy to think up my own:-


One anagram of my name is "ringstick one"!

Another is "sick nitrogen"