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I'm eager to do some pre-50/90 music-muscle stretching and flexing. So rather than slack off for the next two weeks before 50/90 begins, I'm setting myself a challenge: do a cohesive EP (meaning a unified theme, topic, concept, story, or even just feel) of no less than 9 and no more than 12 minutes total length, to be released on Bandcamp no later than Wednesday, 6/30. Any number of songs within that time parameter. Every track must also be meaningfully musically distinct from what I've previously recorded (although they can be consistent with each other), to force myself to try one or more truly new-to-me things, before I'm tempted to fall back on old patterns and techniques in the rush of 50/90.

I do not know what I'm going to do yet -- I just came up with the idea this afternoon -- but I finished a music project a few days ago and don't want to lose my current good habit that I finally developed of working on music at least 5x/week, so here I am.

I suspect most people are taking it easy musically in this pre-launch period, which makes perfect sense, but if anyone is interested in posting their own new 10-12 minute EP to Bandcamp by June 30 (with a link here in this thread), I will commit to listening to it,* so you'll have at least one guaranteed listener!

(* Barring highly offensive lyrical content as solely assessed by me, but that seems very unlikely given the terrific 50/90 crowd!)

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I'd be up for this. I am taking it a little easy pre 50/90 start as I've felt some sore wrist coming on, but have done a ton of stuff in the last month or two that I need to redo or add some parts here or there, and maybe add lyrics to a few things as its been all instrumentals so far. Good idea though. It's something I could do to keep me engaged while still not over exerting myself, and would force me to go back and listen to the 4 or 5 hours worth of stuff I've recorded since towards the end of April.

This is a really nice idea!
When I saw this thread yesterday, I thought about doing a few quick uke songs, since that's what I've been playing mostly the last couple weeks or so.
But then this morning, I thought about how I hadn't picked the banjo for a while. So I think I'll do an EP of short guitar/banjo pieces to get myself re-acquainted with the 5-string. And why not share them?

A great idea! If I wasn't up to my neck in a kickstarter already and trying to roll that before 5090 starts I'd be in.

I like it. Might give it a go if I can Muse up a theme Biggrin

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I gave up adding lyrics to anything. Will probably use some skirmishes throughout 50/90 to add some lyrics to at least a few of these.

I didn't keep it under 15mins, but close. 7 tracks, about 17 minutes.

Hey @dzd, congrats on focusing and getting it done so promptly! I'll definitely be taking a listen as soon as I finish mine (sometime before 6/30 Biggrin ).

@dzd love the EP Biggrin

The drums add a whole new dimension to these songs. Cool stuff!

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@Candle Thanks! I'm finally getting comfortable playing drums again, well more used to the little quirks of an e-kit at least. Everything except the HH pedal, there's not a lot of nuance to it, there's 3 "triggers" in it closed/half/full open. I'll want real cymbals eventually.

@ustaknow Just one of my favorites from the Fake band A is for Abba threads Biggrin

@dzd I think the three triggers would throw me off. I could do 2 (Open/Closed), but the half would throw me off I'm sure. Nuance for sure.

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@OdilonGreen Does it have to be on Bandcamp? I tend to stick my music on my website (since I'm paying for hosting anyway) and could easily cobble together a quick-and-dirty webpage for an album if I get one together.

@metalfoot, posting on your own site is absolutely fine! "Bandcamp" was just meant as a shorthand for "get it out there so people can listen to it!"

Ah, that's some good stuff there, @dzd!
Like an electric tornado!
The drums really kick it up a notch!

Thanks @OdilonGreen what a good suggestion to do an EP. Here's mine
I have just finished an online piano improvisation course with the excellent Totnes School of Piano based in England. The three pieces on the EP are improvisations with different themes.

@Roddy I have to say I got lost in that piano. Wow, what a wonderful journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the EP, especially Chords. Great stuff!

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@Roddy Those are all really quite lovely! They go really great together as a whole as well, they all have the same "feel" so to speak. I know a lot of it is just ones style especially when fully improvising, just curious, were they all done roughly the same time? or hours/days apart?, makes no difference its still a really lovely EP just curious.

Thanks for your very positive comment. The pieces were around two weeks apart.

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[@Nerd Jealous] Some really cool stuff in there! I think the first one is probably my favorite, I was just getting into that odd percussion with the clean acoustic and the slowed/pitched down voice, when it cut off Biggrin That Starman cracked me up(not in any bad way). Really liked all the speedup/slowed down stuff, and great ending, sounded like the Swedish derp derp ba derpity pffttttt Biggrin

@Roddy I'm not real familiar with a lot of your stuff as to be able to compare if the improv class may of been beneficial(I'm sure it couldn't of hurt), but those were all for sure very emotive pieces that took me places. I have issues(only on piano) when I hit either the wrong note I was hearing in my head, or don't hold it long enough, too hard/too soft, or whatever it completely takes me out of it. I don't suffer from those hangups on any other instrument. I can screw up completely and just go with it. Probably has something to do with the fact the piano is the only instrument I've ever had any "formal" training with and I'm waiting to get my knuckles smacked Wink

These are tracks I produced for the TrackBout challenge. Since they unceremoniously went dark in the middle of a bout, I decided to make an EP. Happened about the same time this thread came along. Our time limit for each track was 100 sec so these are all short. The emphasis was on production so it was a concentrated learning experience for me and just what I needed. When they quit on us I got an attitude so my album is called "Track This"! It's done under my nom d'electronique "Baldon". That's Bal as in balance, don rhymes with zone. Keepin' it in the balance zone. Here 'tis:

Here is mine, finally: "Spooky Beard Campfire Songs," an album of creepy, spooky tales about beards. Meant for singing and enjoyment around a campfire, late at night, deep in the woods. Conceived, written and recorded in 4 days, (almost) no overdubs, with the vocal and ukulele tracks recorded (pretty much) all the way through. The closest to a "live" recording I've done so far!

Fun fact: Track 3 is basically a redo (new music, tweaked lyrics) of a track I wrote during a beard feud with @Acousticmaddie here at 50/90 a few years ago!

I recorded mine yesterday - a 20 minute performance for @Calum Carlyle's Radio Show. I'm not going to release it until after he airs it. So you'll have to tune in once he announces a play date to hear it. After it airs I'm planning on putting it on Bandcamp as a "Live" EP.

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Waiting to hear about an air date from Calum. So, a sort of musical limbo (without breaking one's back Wink ), so to speak. At least this shin-dig gets rolling in a few more hours Biggrin

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haha, yeah I've listened to everyone's except @OdilonGreen 's who started the thread Biggrin I'll get to yours tonight!

Ok, here is my late submission -

Unofficial title: a bullfighter and Captain America sharing a can of beans

There are three tracks. Logic Pro is doing a weird bug where every time I select all clips and drag them closer to the start time it fails to move certain clips for some reason. This is better anyways, there's no gap in the tracks because I recorded it all as a continual play.

Last track has no lyrics and was the reason I'm posting this so late.