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Recently I recorded a bit of a Plank Spank of a rock song ( *48595 ) & thought I should share the rhythm part as a stem (it's just a loop, actually) & see what others might come up with. Et voilà… here's the stem:


Do with it as you will & post your results here (no need to mark me as a collaborator on this unless you really want to). Tag the song #PowerSong so that we can find it easily.

I look forward to hearing your results.

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That sounds too good not to mess with it, though I'm not sure if I have the musical mind to do it any justice. ...I really just wanted to say how good it sounds on its on.

@splittybooms thanks! I'm interested to hear what you might come up with.

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Not one of yours I'd gotten around to hearing yet, I'm sure I can do something with that though Smile


@ustaknow: not quite. More like "And so, here you go…" or as you would say: derUgo Smile

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@ustaknow, I'm sorta like Cody in that way, just pick up the old ax & play it - however it's tuned. It's probably a little flat given the lovely heat & humidity we've been suffering for the past few weeks (darn heat bubble Lol ). But I'm glad you were able to tune to track to make it work for you. I look forward to hearing what you do with it.

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@Candle @ustaknow I couldn't be of help either, even after playing with that loop for a few hours last night, I didn't tune anything I picked up to play along with it. I think the shovel was last a D when it was tuned and the telecaster I mostly just used to control effects was in an Open C, but its been a good week since I tuned that thing.........

not pertinent to the song, but that telecaster and the main reason I've always loved them is their stability. For being kept for all intents and purposes "outside" and being pretty much just raw wood too(only sealed with some oils no poly finish or anything), I bet you could still use it for a pogo stick and it still be wherever you last tuned it. That was Leo Fender's biggest magic trick in my book. The pure stability of a string thru telecaster.....

@dzd there was this god-aweful looking pink-paisley Telecaster at the local guitar shop once upon a time when I was in my early twenties. The thing sounded so sweet - I had to play it everytime I went in there. Couldn't bring myself to buy it 'cos it was just @$$ ugly (pink paisley, who thought that was a good idea for a guitar finish?). The guitar finally sold a year or so later. I guess someone finally overlooked the finish & went for the sound.

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p.s.: Looked something like this:

(Just found it on the 'net)

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I would of bought that in a second Biggrin I have an amp in pink paisley that would match it perfectly! hahaha.

About a year ago there was a left handed short scale pink paisley bass for dirt cheap I think around $50 US. I slept on and it sold while I was debating it.

I have a new project Jaguar bare wood kit coming anyday now. I was thinking about just burning it like I've done with my telecaster body I have now, but that picture makes me rethink it hahaha. It sure is ugly, but I sure do love it!

I...don't belong here and I'll see my way out now lol Smile
Thanks, Candle. It was still fun to mess around!

On it! What's the BPM?

@headfirstonly, it was the product of my usual M.O. of just pick up the guitar & play. I'm usually around 60 BPM with most of my stuff when I do that, but I just did a "Detect Song BPM" on the song this riff comes from & it clocked in at 122 BPM. Hope that helps Smile

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Cool, thanks! Here's what I ended up with: *48771

I like the guitar track. Gonna use it at some point.