Possibility of adding photos?

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Is it possible to add a picture to a post? Seems to me I saw this question asked during a previous challenge, but I forget what the answer was (or what the instructions were).



Hey @Donna Devine

We can do that at FAWM but I'm pretty sure all we can do here is link to an image like this,


Maybe @Eric Distad can confirm or add that feature for us?

I've added in the ability to use the < img > tag in the forums. This is an experiment as I haven't fully tested all the ways that it could break formatting for mobile and so on. Please use it wisely. Wink

Thanks @Eric Distad! What could possibly go wrong? Biggrin

@Eric Distad - you are a star! Smile

@johnstaples - you owe me a keyboard! Biggrin

Thanks so much, @Eric Distad. Smile But is it possible to add an image to a Word document (i.e. that would have a lyric on it)?
Or simply to add an image once I've copy-pasted a lyric into the text box? Is this what the 'img' tag could (maybe) accomplish?

Whoa, my summer just got 100% better!
Thanx, @Eric Distad!!!