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I will be manning the barricades in SE Portland once again. My goal this year: ≥1/90, though I will settle for some fraction thereof

Portland is crawling with songwriters, but they don't seem to end up here very often. What's the deal? Too cool? Already finding sufficient inspiration? Afraid? Unaware? Looks like it's just the two of us, fresh spotless youth, and we're already isomorphic for the most part. I think we can do more than one song, if we put our heads together and pull hard on each other's bootstraps

Lived in the NW Portland/Beaverton area for a few years - have family up there. Never wrote a song while I was there but used to hang out at Earthquake Ethel’s, the best Disco ever back in the day. And that inspired the EDM I write today. In fact, I’m wearing an Earthquake Ethels t-shirt right now - lol!

I didn't move to Portland until 1996. I think I missed the glory days of EE Smile

I think you may have *just* missed it - lol!

Greetings, fellow Rose City denizens! I’ll be holding down the fort in NE, where the air regularly smells like cookies.