'Polished up' FAWM album released... just in time for 50/90!

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So glad to find an existing 'shameless self-promotion' area! Makes it slightly less shameless, somehow...

I've just released an album of polished up, remixed, in some cases completely re-worked songs from this year's FAWM (well, 2 were from FAWM 2020, but let's not get hung up on the details here...).


Any feedback gratefully received!

This is also my first 50/90 - slightly scared at the prospect, but let's see how it goes Smile


I just started listening, heard the first two songs- sounds fantastic!!!!!


and as a ps to that message, I'm loving the varied and creative and accomplished production as well as the songs and performances. Skipped ahead to that last track 'maybe' which is such a wonderful distillation of that kind of wry jazzy 'randy newman' vibe (maybe with a little harry nillson in there) that I really love. Great stuff!

@ustaknow Thank you! Some really cool, helpful advice here. I'll re-listen to those tracks you've mentioned (although possibly after 50/90!). Really like that idea for boosting high/low by mixing filtered stems back in, hadn't thought of that before. Thank you for taking the time to listen Smile

@mike skliar thanks a million! Hugely appreciated. Was definitely trying to get a bit of Newman/Nillson into that last one, glad that came through Smile